The Best Daily Daily Burnt Face Care Method 1

The Best Standard Daily Skin Care Method for Melasma

The Best Standard Daily Skin Care Method for Melasma

Skin burnt face needs a lot of care, especially when you are applying treatment. So how should this skin be considered to increase the effectiveness of treatment? You can refer to the article below of Miss Tram Academy.

1. Skin pigmentation and the consequences of improper skin care

In addition to genetic factors, we are prone to skin pigmentation if endocrine disorders; suffering from side effects from oral contraceptives, clopromazin antipsychotics, cyclin antibiotics; impact of environmental conditions (sunlight, smog or pollution).

These factors are completely capable of breaking down the outer protective layer of the skin, degrading the internal structure leading to the accumulation of dark pigmentation, causing many areas on the face to appear obnoxious brown spots.

how to care for skin pigmentation effectively

Melasma is one of the problems that makes women uncomfortable, even stress because of its significant impact on aesthetics and is much more difficult to treat. If the condition is not too severe, the legs are outside, the special essences can beat the melasma. If the skin is deeply pigmented into the epidermal cells, we are forced to use modern technology to improve skin pigmentation.

Whether the skin is burnt or receiving treatment, good care for it is extremely necessary. If we neglect, or apply improperly, the skin will easily meet the following cases:

  • Skin becomes more sensitive
  • Easy to catch the sun, the darker pigmentation areas
  • Melasma shows widespread signs
  • Skin appears signs of aging (wrinkled, wrinkled, dry and rough)
  • The opportunity to complete treatment becomes more difficult

2. Points to note when skin care is burnt

Melasma is also one of the signs that your body is deficient in nutrients. So please advise customers to add foods rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B12. Hot spicy foods and alcoholic beverages should be avoided as they will interfere with the skin's regeneration mechanism, causing a serious decrease in collagen production.

Not to mention, unhealthy lifestyle (including wrong eating, alcohol abuse, stress, etc.) will make the hormonal disorder worse, thereby causing more melasma. Establish a life of science, always cheerful to promote better treatment effects.

The Best Daily Daily Burnt Face Care Method 2

To improve the skin pigmentation, supplement vitamin rich foods

It is necessary to tell those who are absolutely pigmented not to arbitrarily use self-made cosmetics on the market, because products always abuse corticosteroids, causing the skin to fall into irritation, intoxication, and erosion over time.

People with melasma can apply natural skin-care masks to help cleanse and gently remove dead skin cells and fade pigmented areas. However, if in the process of receiving laser treatment, it is advisable to use only the designated medications to fight inflammation, keep the skin clean with a cleanser with PH from 5 - 5.5 is best.

In particular, when outdoors we must use sunscreens containing SPF and PA, carefully shielded to avoid the effects of ultraviolet rays.

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