How to Pick Acne The Right Way And Without Dark Scars 1

How to Pick Acne Correctly And Don't Leave Deep Scars

How to Pick Acne Leave No Dark Scars

"Best body skin" is the standard of women for many years. So, besides the matter of weight, almost everyone cares about their skin. Perhaps, "acne" is the eternal problem for everyone, including men and women from puberty upwards. Acne is an "uninvited" thing, they are very "stubborn", with people using dozens of different methods such as acne still cling. Mostly, when you want to completely break down acne, everyone chooses to take the acne and then replenish the skin.

Do you know how to squeeze acne correctly? Today's article, Miss Tram Academy Will share to you the information surrounding this issue, do not rush through it.

1. Why need to squeeze acne?

should you squeeze acne or not

In some cases, squeezing acne to speed up the acne treatment process

Many people believe that squeezing acne only makes the skin condition worse, acne appears more. However, it only happens when the process of squeezing acne is not right and the device is not hygienic.

In essence, it is imperative to get acne. After removing the acne core under the skin surface, acne treatment time will take place faster. At the same time, when squeezing acne properly, you are removing dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin.

2. The dangers of improperly squeezing acne

Incorrectly squeezing acne is when you use a strong force on the skin, right at the spot of acne with the desire to push the acne out. Do you think the more powerful the force, the more acne will be pushed out? If that's what you think, just dismiss it.

Because of the strong impact on the acne-prone area, the skin will only be damaged, indirectly press the acne spots deeply into the skin and spread to other areas. That's why the more you pick up acne, the more pimples are and the more it appears. Incorrectly squeezing acne, unsure hygiene also causes the skin to have deep scars for a long time, permanent pitted scars. Incorrectly squeezing acne can make acne worse

3. Help you better identify types of acne

When it comes to acne, we have only 1 type that includes so many different types. Each type of acne will have its own way of shaping and treating. Therefore, the institute recognizes and distinguishes the types of acne that are quite important before deciding on acne.

any type of pimples

  • Inflammatory acne, pustules

This is one of the top formidable acne types and is haunting for everyone. The size of pustules and inflammatory acne is quite large. This type of acne causes inflammation and soreness in the area of acne. It is worth mentioning that the rate of formation of deep scars, pitted scars caused by inflammatory acne, pustules is quite high.

  • Acne and pustules

Acne is most common on the skin of young people in puberty. This type of acne will make the skin slightly reddish, acne has a white head. Acne grows on the forehead and cheeks with a relatively dense density. In some cases, acne will have pus with an unpleasant odor.

  • Malignant acne

Just by hearing the name acne, you can already imagine the level of "devastation" of it and what it looks like, right? Malignant acne is very large in size, it appears to be painful so you will feel you have a slight fever. This type of acne when carelessly manipulated will cause serious inflammation.

  • Bran acne, blackheads

This is the most common type of acne, appearing on the nose and chin. The pimples have a small, lumpy shape, the head is brownish yellow or black. Acne is not good for skin, but if molded incorrectly, it can turn into worse acne.

4. How to squeeze acne correctly does not leave any scars

As mentioned above, many cases of improperly squeezing acne make acne worse, skin becomes inflamed.

  • How to mold blackheads properly

Blackheads are considered difficult to cure and treat. Incorrectly squeezing the blackheads can also make the skin unsightly.

How to squeeze acne does not leave deep scars

You can easily handle blackheads according to the following procedure:

Step 1: You need to wash your hands, use a deep cleansing, antibacterial cleanser to wash your face.

Step 2: Use hot water to steam your face (do not put your face too close to the hot water because it may cause skin burns). Sauna about 5 minutes to open pores, blackheads are easy to get out.

Step 3: At this point, use your fingertips to gently press on the area with blackheads to push the acne cores out.

Step 4: Once you have removed the acne core, be sure to use a mild antibacterial solution to wipe away the newly squeezed acne area. Finally, use cold water to wash the eyes to minimize pores.

Treating blackheads with a safe and effective sauna method

  • How to squeeze pust properly

Pustules are not the most severe form of acne. However, they also cause skin discomfort and are quite unsightly. If you want to squeeze pustules correctly, you should avoid the following scars:

How to Pick Acne The Right Way And Without Dark Scars 2

  • You need to be careful about cleaning your hands before you want to exfoliate to avoid contaminating or spreading bacteria to the acne-prone area.
  • Just like the method of squeezing blackheads. Once you've cleaned your face with an antibacterial cleanser, you need to apply Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Preroxide solution on the skin with white spots.
  • Use sterilized, sterile needles to prick acne.
  • You can use a cotton swab or hands to get rid of pus and the acne. You also need to disinfect the acne and wash your face again.
  • Need to clean hands before squeezing pustules
  • Need to squeeze acne with the right acne tree

How to Pick Acne Correctly and Don't Leave Deep Scars 3

You should use a dedicated acne stick instead of your hands

  • The first step you need to do is also use a cotton ball or cotton swab to disinfect the acne-prone skin before squeezing. Note to dry skin naturally offline.
  • Squeeze the acne treatment after being clean, use the hollow head to place on the acne and press lightly, so note the operation must be definitive. You need to multiply all the acne to get the tip of the squeegee to get the pimples out. You should pay attention to remove all acne, leaving acne can make acne redness, inflammation more inflamed skin than the original.
  • Particularly for unripe acne spots, the buds have not budged out. You use the sharp tip of the squeegee to gently press on the acne to multiply the acne according to which to escape.
  • After squeezing acne, you need to use physiological saline to wipe through the affected area to eliminate bacteria. Note, to avoid irritated skin, you should not use any type of cleanser, lotion after acne just squeezed.

5. Notes to remember when squeezing acne

Acne skin is more fragile and sensitive than we think. Therefore, you need to minimize squeezing the acne too often or try to use all means to force acne out.

Not only that, after squeezing acne, you need to pay attention to skin care and the best way to avoid redness. You should pay close attention to your skin after squeezing acne, if the situation changes badly and causes pain, you need to see a doctor for timely examination and treatment.

If the acne condition is too bad, you should see a doctor for timely examination
The method of squeezing acne only temporarily removes the acne core, does not destroy the cause of acne. So, acne after squeezing may go away, not leaving dark but after a certain time, acne may recur. You need to go to a dermatology center to shorten the treatment time and bring the long-term effect.

Above is the information we want to share about how to squeeze acne properly, both safely and without leaving scars. Hopefully this information will help you gain more experience in your beauty handbook. Wish you find yourself the most effective and safe skin care method. Thank you for taking the time to follow the article.

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