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How to Handle Spray No Problem - Lem Lips - The Luster

A post-spray lip is considered to be successful when it comes to a beautiful silky color, with a certain moisture content with the most naturally harmonious lip contour. However, many cases of spraying lips are far different from what is learned in the syllabus. In particular, you may encounter situations where the color of the lips is too dark, uneven, smudged and even darkened. So why does this happen? What is the most effective remedy? Miss Tram Academy will share with you some useful experiences later.

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Lip spray - Aesthetic trend has never been hot

Lip spray is one of the favorite methods of beauty because it helps us to have beautiful smooth lip color, not thanks to lipstick when going out or worrying about lipstick every time we eat . Because of the demand for this field of beauty, the profession of lip tattooing is considered to be the most attractive industry with high career opportunities.

In general, learning to spray lips is not too difficult and does not require us to have ingenuity. As long as you follow the instructor's instructions, observe practice and keep practicing, it will quickly improve. However, also note that to make a beautiful lips, meeting the expectations for customers is a process of training, accumulating many practical experiences to turn the common into their own. In addition to mastering current needle injection techniques and lip injection technologies, we must study the possible error situations to quickly process and deliver flawless results.

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So, what errors can happen in the lip spray?

At the beginning of the job, very few people successfully implemented 100% of the lip spray. Whether the lips are beautiful or not depends on many factors, including:

  • Basis and actual status of customers
  • Techniques to choose color and ink
  • How to control the sprayer, how to align the needle force
  • Post-spray care regime of workers

With the experience of Miss Tram Academy experts, when spraying our lips, we can have problems such as too deep lips, irregular lips, smudged lips, lips that are dark or bruised. Each of these situations will have different ways of handling. Specifically:

Uneven lip color

In case of an uneven color, lip color is less charming than one of the most common mistakes. This error is mostly due to the time when we mixed the ink with the wrong ratio, not stirring the hand. In addition, if thorough treatment is not thorough, it also affects the quality of the lips after spraying. Another reason that makes the lips appear to be red is the force that goes to the deep place, causing the ink to be put into the skin not to be rhythmically continuous.

How to handle: If this happens, you need to make miles again where the ink colors are not up.

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Lips are stained

The color of the ink on the outside of the border makes the lips less charming, affecting the overall face. This error occurs when you mix the ink in the wrong ratio, and the needle is invaded.

How to handle: They have to resort to specialized processing colors to remove this part. Note the operation must be very clever or it will affect the color inside.

The lip contour is darkened

If you go too much into your skin or go hard on the edge of your lips, this may darken this part. This situation is really bothersome for both the performers and the customers because it makes the lips not as beautiful as expected.

How to handle: When this error occurs, you need to ask for more time from the customer and proceed to use a specialized treatment color to handle the lip contour area.

Lips dry

Mostly happens when your needle strength is too fast, plus too much ink for white. Dry lips will lessen the beauty and naturalness, making customers feel annoyed.

How to handle: for this case we should advise guests to come back after 60 on spraying a mile of lip gloss. At the time of spraying, you should use the spiral needle technique, so it will avoid causing damage to the lips, making the lips look more shiny.

Wish you successfully handle cases of errors when spraying the lips, giving customers the most beautiful natural lips.

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