Whether or not to Perform Eyelash Extensions Under 1

Whether or not The Performing Lower Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions is a trend of beauty that has appeared many years ago, but, until recent years, this trend has really developed, becoming one of the beauty trends chosen by many women. choose. Along with that development is the birth of many modern and advanced eyelash extensions technologies. However, the eyelash extensions only focus on the upper lashes but few people pay attention to the lower lashes.

Why is that? Whether or not we should perform the lower eyelash extensions. And Miss Tram Academy Go find the answer with the article below.

Whether or not The Performing Lower Eyelash Extensions

1. When should the lower eyelashes be connected?

A thick, curved lashes not only make the eyes rounder and more glitter, but it is also a special highlight that attracts the attention of the opposite person, exudes the beauty of the entire face. However, the number of people born with long, curly eyelashes is very small and the selection of beauty treatments that overcome such disadvantages is essential. There are many different ways to overcome the disadvantages of eyelashes, but eyelash extensions are the quick, safe and effective method that many people choose.

whether or not the implementation of the lower eyelash extensions

As someone who is interested in beauty as well as eyelash extensions, it is probably too familiar with the type of extensions for the upper eyelashes. What about your lower lashes? Should we do or do not have lower eyelid extensions done? In fact, the lower eyelash extensions are quite popular as well as safe, but women often feel satisfied with just performing the lower eyelashes so there is usually no need to add lower eyelashes.

That means that the lower eyelash extensions are not mandatory, so whether or not you will depend on your needs or preferences.

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However, eyelash extensions also need to bring a sense of proportion and harmony to the eyes, so if you choose the type of eyelash extensions with dense lashes like the black rose eyelash style, Miss's advice Tram is that you should attach the lower lashes to bring harmony, balance to the eyes.

Although it is said that the lower eyelash extensions are suitable for everyone, but there are special cases that you should not perform lower eyelid extensions, such as:

Eyes sensitive to any component of the glue: In this case, you should not perform eyelash extensions, whether for upper or lower eyelashes. Because if you try, mildly sensitive, allergic reactions can cause eyelid swelling in a short time, worse can affect eyes and human health.

Whether or not to Perform Mi MI 2

Lower eyelid too weak or damaged by the environment or makeup: The lower eyelid is very weak and sensitive and the lower eyelid is much weaker and more sensitive than the upper eyelid. So, if your lower lashes are too weak or injured, it is best not to do them because eyelashes or glue can cause damage to your lower lashes as well as your eyes.

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2. The note when performing the lower eyelash extensions

To bring a beautiful, long-lasting lashes and especially safe to eyes and health, you should keep in mind the following notes:

  • About the fake eyelash material: Synthetic false eyelashes should be avoided.You should choose silk-style false eyelashes with ultra-thin, lightweight characteristics that will reduce the feeling of heaviness for the eyes as well as bring a more natural look.
  • The size of the false eyelash: For the lower lashes, the length of the false lashes is usually from 4mm-7mm and the thickness is 0.15-0.20mm.
  • Eyelash extensions: Should choose quality eyelash glue, safe, does not cause eye irritation as well as does not affect the true eyelashes.
  • Thickness between lashes: The lower lashes have a lower number of eyelashes than the upper lashes, so you should only connect in a moderate amount, avoiding too thick will make the feeling heavy and unnatural for the eyes.
  • Base eyelash extensions: Should eyelash extensions in reputable, quality facilities with a team of skilled technicians will help you own a beautiful, natural eyelashes and avoid errors in the process of eyelash extensions, do not make eyes heavy , thick, thick. And especially avoid the errors that affect the eyes as well as your health.
  • Care mode: After the eyelash extensions need careful care, you should listen to the instructions and instructions of the eyelash extensions facility to avoid affecting the real eyelashes, eyes as well as hold the eyelash extensions longer.

3. How to take care of your lower lashes after extensions

Whether or not to Perform Mi MI 3

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  • Avoid rubbing your eyes that can affect the position of your eyelashes as well as causing them to break or fall out.
  • Do not wash your eyes with warm water, as warm water can affect the adhesion of the glue.
  • Do not brush mascara and makeup remover, because mascara can affect eyelash extensions and makeup can make eyelash extensions quickly lose adhesion.
  • Do not lie on your side or face down on the pillow, as that position will cause the eyelashes to break, dislocating from the original position.
  • Regularly check the eyelashes to find the broken, fallen and reclaimed strands more evenly.
  • Wear glasses when going out to prevent dust from getting into your eyes, eliminating rubbing eyes.

Lower eyelash extensions is an optional job, depending on the needs and preferences of each person, but whether to choose lower eyelashes or not. Hope with the above share of Miss Tram Academy Has brought you useful information for your beauty or practice process.

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