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Instructions for Handling Black Spots After Lip Spray



A friend shared with Miss Tram that you spray lips for customers, the lips after spraying on the color is very beautiful and fresh, but about 20 minutes later, the lips appear black bruises that make you very confused and do not know how to handle how?

Miss Tram realized that this would be a problem that you will encounter during the practice so I want to share to help you understand the causes as well as the solutions so that you can avoid and solve them in time.

✨ Why do bruises appear after spraying lips?

Miss Tram shares some causes of this phenomenon:

- KTV goes hard and goes back and forth many times in that area
- Due to many customers' lips
- Due to blood of customers in the blood group
- ...

However, do not be too worried and confused, because this bruise will tan after a few days and does not affect the color of lips after peeling.

In this case, please calmly guide guests to take Anphachoay more to assist bruising faster.

And 1 another important note for students when performing for guests: avoid making lips after 17h, at this time, the blood of customers is diluted easily leading to bruising phenomenon.

With the above sharing hope to help you not too confused as well as get the appropriate solution, avoid repeating for the next implementation.

Sources: https://bit.ly/2K8GG1p

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