What If The Sprayed Client Has Blood Thin?

What If The Sprayed Client Has Blood Thin?

FAQs | What If The Sprayed Client Has Blood Thin?

What If The Sprayed Client Has Blood Thin?

This is not a new question for tattooists but Miss Tram highly appreciates the need for: students (especially beginners) need to know how to handle this case.

- First, you need to remember that, the case of blood thinning occurs due to local conditions, so when spraying tattoo ink color, it will be difficult to eat into the skin, resulting in no color.

And Miss Tram proposes to you:

  • Mixing toner with darker tones makes customers choose a step.
  • Increase ink incubation when making.
  • In the process of going needle should go lightly and slowly, pay close attention to each piece to make sure you eat the ink evenly.
  • The depth of the needle to the skin should be selected at 0.5mm, at the same time go sharp needle part frame.
  • When spraying must constantly wipe tissue and blood water to avoid thinning ink.
  • Once done, you need to instruct guests to return to the colored mile for best results.
  • There is also a special point Miss Tram wants to tell you is to choose genuine inks that meet the quality. There are so when the new color up standard and durability is stable after a long time.

Hopefully, #MissTram's share today has provided more knowledge and useful experience for you.

Hope you are succesful.

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