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Spraying Techniques for Environmental Protection of European Standards

What is a standard European 3D Lip Spray Technique?

Spray lip 3D has the ability to create sharp contours, while creating multi-dimensional impact with the most beautiful and natural colors. This is a new technology, which is loved by many women because it brings charming, prominent lips in every angle. Spraying lipstick is also a difficult technique, requiring color mixing techniques as well as complicated lip shape adjustment.

1. What is 3D lip spray?

3d lip spray technique

If the spraying of the crystal lips creates a coating that is smooth and smooth, the environment spray will change the pigment in the lips, then spraying the environment will bring a multi-dimensional impact. Spraying effect lips should be a combination of lip color, and correction of lips and lips. At that time, the lips are both fresh and charming in different angles.

This technique is suitable for a variety of customers, especially those who need to handle lip color, who have tried common ways but do not have the expected results.

In general, the technique of spraying lips and 3D of European standard is one of the difficult technologies, quite complicated to implement, requiring high skill, experienced and skilled workers to handle situations occurring in the spraying process.

2. What should be noted about European standard 3D lips spray?

As mentioned above, this is a rather complicated technique, requiring good implementation of the following stages:

  • Scaling - creating lip blocks
  • Color phase effects
  • Spray the dark color to show the block for the lips

When scaling to create a lip block, you have to draw the lip border evenly. Note for each different lip shape to create a very suitable border. If the person with thin lips can draw cheating out, the thick lips are the opposite. At the same time, in the block division step, divide the upper lip into 3 part, lower lip into 2 part. These sections will apply color according to the multi-dimensional effect.

In the color mixing step for the 3D lips, make the ink into level 2: dark, medium and light. The color of the ink used must be the same, if you choose the wrong color, it will cause the lip spray to completely damage. For example, when customers spray red tones, mix color and color with gradual reduction of red cherry, red rose, red orange ...

Each color tone is sprayed as follows:

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Spraying the environment also needs to apply the standard needle technique with even force, not too fast or too slow, while the depth of the needle is only in the range of 3-0.2mm. Because the lip skin is thin and sensitive, so you should not go back and forth too many times. Each solid needle can help to bring the ink down evenly, limiting the lowest swelling.

Hope you are succesful.

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