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Safe and Accurate Eyelid Nourishing Technique

Share the most accurate safety eyelid incubation technique

With just a slight change in the eyelid area with modern spraying techniques, we can give our customers bigger, sexier eyes. However, if you want perfect results you need to pay attention to perform well in every step of the process. Of these, pay much attention to the incubation process, because it can help customers feel comfortable and safe, and cooperate with you better to create beautiful and natural lines.

The role of the incubation stage in eyelid spray

The technology of spraying aesthetic embroidery today is very advanced, no longer interfering with the skin so when making customers feel more comfortable. As before, the spraying of eyelids often causes pain because the needle tip goes deep into the skin, now the technique has greatly improved. The most standard needle travel force in this technology only ranges from 0.03mm-0.04mm to ensure safety for the eyelid skin, because the skin structure here is extremely fragile, the needle force too deep will lead to tearing of the skin causing bleeding. blood. If this happens, one will cause discomfort to the person doing the work, which will cause the ink to stagnate or the eyelids do not eat the ink.

However, eyelids are extremely sensitive areas that are difficult to hold still to perform effects on them. If unfortunately the needle makes the customer feel pain or tickle, it will lead to stirring and may smudge the ink. Because to limit this situation, before carrying out spraying, the KTV must numb the eyelid. Successful nourishment can help customers temporarily lose the feeling of this skin area, no longer feeling pain or ticking. At that time, we will easily go to insert ink to inject more ink to create press lines according to the previous intention.

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Incubation of the eyelid area right?

Currently on the market there are many establishments spraying embroidery using anesthesia ranging from 25% - 50%. With this numbness, the incubation period only lasts between 15-25X minutes. However, we need to consider when to use because not everyone is suitable with this type of numbness, even some people will have difficulty breathing, heart palpitations. If using the permissible numbness of Health is 5%, the incubation time will be longer, possibly up to about XNXX minutes.

Miss Tram Academy notes that you should only use numbness with high safety, it is best to choose the type used for open wound. Because these types can often make the eyelid skin tighten, then the ink will not come down. Working over and over again on this skin area will affect the end result, the ink color is uneven, causing the eyelid to lose its natural appearance.

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Basic Skin Care and Treatment

In addition, if you want to effectively numb and do not drop the medicine in your eyes, you should use a small toothpick to get a sufficient amount of cream and gently apply it to the eyelid area (apply in the direction from the tip to the eyelid). Apply the cream, use a special plastic to cover the incubator before starting needle operations. Normally, if after the application is finished, the customer no longer feels any more, the incubation process is considered successful.

Some of the above share of Miss Tram Academy is simple but can help you accumulate more useful experiences to successfully implement beauty eyelashes. Wish you quickly master the profession!

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