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Massage Moves Reduce Wrinkles Of The Mouth

How to reduce the wrinkles of the mouth with massage method

Miss Tram Academy will guide you to some simple massage movements to help reduce the corners of the mouth corners effectively through the following article. These movements are mostly easy to perform, create a positive impact on the muscles, skin of the oral area, practice skin to be more healthy and have a certain elasticity, while supporting the absorption of therapeutic nutrients. better.

massge movements help reduce the corners of the mouth

Due to the continuous impact from the activities of laughing, eating, the corners of the mouth can easily appear wrinkles. In addition, if the skin is not provided with the necessary moisture, lack of collagen, the wrinkles will inevitably form earlier.

You can observe and realize that the mouth's wrinkles will make the buds less fresh, the youthful look is much reduced and it is also a formidable warning sign of aging. These wrinkles in addition to intervening with modern treatment with various types of nutrients, high-tech machines, massage is also very important. These simple massage movements will help stimulate blood circulation to circulate smoothly, promote nutrients in the osmosis process more effectively, thereby resulting in the reduction of fine lines around the corners of the mouth is positive, Supports skin tightening.

Here Miss Tram Academy has simple and effective massage movements as follows:

Movement of 1:

You use your index fingers to place on the sides of the client's mouth, gently pushing your fingers to the sides of the stretched back. Each push will remain in the range of 5-10 seconds. Repeat this action about 20-25 times in one execution.

Movement of 2:

This action focuses on the cheek more because the cheek plays an important role in lifting the muscles, firming the skin for the face. In particular, if the cheek skin is firm, the wrinkles in the corners of the mouth will also be significantly improved.

We will conduct massage as follows:

  • Using your index finger puts pressure on the lines when smiling around the corner of your mouth.
  • Next, tell the guest to smile with open lips (note as wide as possible).
  • Remind visitors to keep the smile about 5-10 seconds and a relaxing spirit most comfortable.
  • This action repeated 15-30 times when done.

Movement of 3:

In this move we will move to focus on how to teach guests how to laugh to reduce wrinkles around the corners of the mouth, while training for the area's skin has a certain flexibility and elasticity.

Proceed as follows:

You remind the guests to keep their teeth closed and start smiling. When guests laugh, we also use our index finger to press the corners of the mouth and push it out. Each time, it will be about XNXX seconds, you repeat the movement very regularly from 10 -10 times.

Movement of 4:

You will use 3 fingers in each hand (forefinger, middle and ring finger) for this movement. This massage will focus on 3 acupressure:

The fingers will pinch and apply to the sides of the mouth and slowly push the skin upwards (the starting point may start from near the chin). We will push the skin around 3 repeatedly and then move our hands to the skin around the middle. The fingers will center the midpoint and then massage gently, pushing the area of ​​skin over the cheek.

The second point of the 3 will move to place the hand under the cheekbones (close to the corner of the mouth when smiling) and push the skin upwards. Each of these acupuncture points will rotate around approximately 5 seconds and 30X acupressure points and work continuously in 1 minutes.

Hope you are succesful.

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