Movements to Reduce the Lines of the Mouth 1

Movements to Reduce the Lines of the Mouth

How to reduce the wrinkles of the mouth with massage method

Miss Tram Academy I will show you some simple massage techniques to help reduce the corners of the mouth effectively through the article below. These movements are mostly easy to perform, creating a positive impact on the muscles, skin of the mouth area, training the skin to be more healthy and have a certain elasticity, while supporting the absorption of therapeutic nutrients. better.

massge movements help reduce the corners of the mouth

Due to the constant impact from activities of laughing, eating, the skin of the corners of the mouth easily appear wrinkles. In addition, if the skin is not provided with the necessary moisture, lack of collagen, wrinkles will inevitably form much earlier.

You can observe and notice, the corners of the mouth wrinkles will make the bud less fresh, the youthful appearance will be reduced much and it is a warning sign of the formidable aging. These wrinkles in addition to modern intervention with nutrients, high-tech machinery, the massage is also very important. These simple massage movements will help stimulate blood circulation, promote the nutrients in the osmotic process more effectively, thereby reducing the fine lines around the corners of the mouth. skin firming support.

Here Miss Tram Academy has simple and effective massage movements as follows:

Step 1:

Use your index fingers to place on the sides of the client's mouth, gently pushing your fingers to the sides of the corner to stretch backwards. Each push will hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat this pose about 20-25 times in a single pass.

Step 2:

This movement focuses on the cheeks more because cheeks play an important role in lifting muscles, firming the skin for the face. In particular, if the skin of the cheeks are firm, the wrinkles at the corners of the mouth will also be significantly improved.

We will conduct massage as follows:

  • Use your index finger to apply pressure to the fine lines as you smile around the corner of your mouth.
  • Next, tell the guests to smile with their lips wide open (note the wider the better).
  • Remind guests to keep the smile for 5-10 seconds and a relaxed spirit most.
  • This action repeats 15-30 times when done.

Step 3:

In this move we will turn to focus on how to practice laughing for guests to reduce the wrinkles around the corners of the mouth, and practice for the skin of this area has a certain elasticity, elasticity.

Proceed as follows:

Remind guests to keep their teeth closed and start smiling. When guests laugh, we also use the index finger to apply the skin at the corners of the mouth and push to stretch. Each time it will take about 10 seconds, repeat the movement steadily from 10-20 times.

Step 4:

You will use 3 fingers in each hand (index finger, middle and ring finger) for this movement. This massage will focus on 3 points:

The fingers will pinch and press to the corners of the mouth and slowly push the skin upwards (the starting point can start near the bottom of the chin). We will push the skin about 3 times continuously and then move the hands around the skin around the nucleus. The fingers will center the middle point and gently massage, pushing the skin up to the cheeks.

The third point will move to placing the hand below the cheekbone (near the end of the corner of the mouth when smiling) and pushing the skin up. Each of these points will turn around for 5 seconds and 1 point and continue for 1 minute.

Hope you are succesful.

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