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Methods of Proper Face Massage For Young Fresh Skin

Proper Facial Massage Method For Young Fresh Skin

Skin care products are the key to a spotless skin, but the way you apply serum or moisturize your skin is just as important as the nutrients they bring. In the words of beauty experts and dermatologists, one of the solutions to prevent skin aging effectively is rarely known as facial massage. So how is facial massage properly? And Miss Tram Academy find out!

Facial massage method properly

First, massage helps regulate blood circulation, provides extra oxygen to the skin and thereby helps your skin penetrate skin care products quickly and more effectively. The wrinkles will no longer be a problem because massage also helps reduce stress and headaches.

Diana Morrison aesthetics doctor at Envy Massage explained further: “Your massage helps quickly stimulate tissues, regenerate skin and restore skin problems. Over time, you will feel your skin gradually becoming brighter and firmer. ”. Thereby, Diana recommends that you take a little time every day to massage your face and skin care products.

Let's take a look at the easy massage steps that are effective below! The following methods are completely usable when you apply make-up, serum or moisturizer. All you need to keep in mind is to use your fingertips, start gently massage from the inside out, gently, enough to stimulate circulation of blood circulation under the skin.

1. Regular facial massage

2. Facial massage method helps fade wrinkles

If you want to focus on dealing with stubborn wrinkles, it is not difficult with massage methods specifically for wrinkles below. The cosmetologist Diana Morrison revealed “This massage technique not only helps to reduce wrinkles on the forehead but also helps to reduce headaches and stress. In order to increase the effect, you should apply this massage method once every 30 seconds. All you need to do is massage from the middle of the forehead to the sides of the temple and then continue using the fingertips to lightly press the forehead.

For those who are suffering from eye puffiness or dark circles, from far away, Diana also gives you a massage technique that helps your eyes stay bright and healthy: "Use a finger to massage the bridge of the nose right under your eyes in 5 seconds and repeating 3 times". The plus point of this method is that it helps your eyes to relax and reduce squinting and prevent the formation of puffiness or dark circles. "

3. Note when daily facial massage

  • Massage gently and steadily

Facial skin is very delicate and needs careful care, when you massage, pay attention to use your fingertips to move gently in a circle. Perhaps many people will think the massage must be strong enough to work and feel better.

But not rubbing very hard will have the effect of increasing blood circulation to the tissues, but on the contrary, a strong massage will cause the muscles to coincide, long and make the face wrinkled and sagging.

So just applying a sufficient force and moving smoothly is the best way to care for the skin and better absorb nutrients when using creams.

  • Massage for a sufficient time

Facial massages also depend on different skin types and skin conditions, not every massage as much as possible. If your skin is in a normal state of health, when applying cosmetics, just apply about 3-5 minutes, when applying a whitening mask, massage for about 15 minutes.

If acne skin should only massage about 5 minutes because it is easy to be irritated with and hurt, sometimes acne skin massage too long also causes skin redness.

Sensitive skin should not massage for more than 10 minutes, with dry skin and lack of nutrients, you can massage for 15 minutes or more to quickly recover and absorb nutrients better.

So each skin type will need different care time, but usually will not exceed 15 minutes and only need 2 times / week only you guys.

  • Massage in combination with cream or mask

If you are doing regular vegetarian or water massage without the combination of other lotions, it is completely wrong. That does not make the skin firmer, it is also more vulnerable to water because it is not smooth enough to allow the hands to glide smoothly on the surface.

It is best to use a little rose water and massage and pat gently with the fingers, the milk or cream is the best choice for skin smooth, firm and bright white.

  • The right time for massage

Dermatologists recommend that women massage in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed, these are the two most sensitive skin times and need care.

Morning wake up and facial massage properly will be very good, smooth skin and fresher than ever, blood vessels under the skin better circulation, anti-aging effectively.

The night before bedtime is also the time when the skin is rested, choose the right cream to provide nutrition for the skin, comprehensive care during sleep.

Hope these share of Miss Tram Academy Will help you understand more about facial massage, wish you always have a skin always fresh!


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