Do I Have A Disabled Hand With A Cosmetic Spray? 1

Do I Have A Hand With Disabled Yes

Questions and Answers | Disabled hands but still want to attend the course Spray - Embroidery - Sculpting aesthetics have the opportunity?

First of all, Miss Tram greatly admires and admires your studious spirit. For students with special circumstances, Miss Tram Academy always has an appropriate support policy, creating conditions for you to study and live with your passion for beauty.

In case you are asking, Miss Tram is currently not clear about your specific disability, so hope you send pictures or information soon to Miss Tram for more detailed advice for you!

Do I Have A Disabled Hand?

In addition, if you have a handicap in your hand but still "nurture" your dream of becoming an Inkjet - Embroidery - Aesthetic Technician, you still need to consider the following factors before registering for the course. learn:

  • What is disability like? Have one or both hands?
  • Can my hand work freely or have problems with disability?
  • Which hand is your dominant hand? If the disability is on the non-dominant hand, it is possible to take the course normally because the operations are mainly conducted by HANDSUANCE.

However, to ensure your health, academic results and customer beauty later on, it is still necessary to carefully consider the disability in the hand you are experiencing. More importantly, an appointment can be made with an osteoarthritis or orthopedic doctor for advice, consultation as well as remedies if any.

According to Miss Tram's research, hand disabilities have some common types as follows:

  • Amputated, extra or missing fingers, finger stick, amputation of the hand, drumstick fingers, cleft palate, swan neck deformities ... (these cases are usually orthopedic surgery as directed by the doctor)
  • The syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome (peripheral neuropathy caused by pinched middle nerve in carpal tunnel); De Quervain syndrome (long tendonitis and short thumb stretching) ..- is often painful and requires early treatment or it is difficult to move.

Refer to the information of popular courses (depending on your preference) to get started with beauty:

Tattooing, Embroidery, Sculpting Courses (eyebrows - eyelids - lips)

Skincare Specialist Training Course

Vocational Training Mi Eyelash Extensions - Professional Lashes

Make-up Classes (Make-up)

Please contact Miss Tram immediately for more advice on the study path and see if you are suitable for this career or not!

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