"Revealing" The Secret of Cheap Beauty Vocational Training in Vietnam 1

"Revealing" The Secret of Cheap Beauty Vocational Training in Vietnam

Vocational training cheap, cheap spa vocational training here is almost the sample advertising easy to see, easy to see in centers, vocational schools of spa, cosmetology today. Because spa, beauty is a HOT field like never before in the time of beauty needs of people is increasing.

Therefore the spa and beauty industry is currently being evaluated, such as one "Golden land" easily opens up many opportunities for stable and enriching jobs for the young generation today. But it can be called that the problem of cheap spa vocational training is currently being advertised too much, too loudly, what is the quality in these places? Studying in the address, create vocational training center this graduate students get a job or not? And Answer and answer questions Inquiries through the article below.

Teaching cheap cosmetology, Cheap spa school easy to get jobs as advertising?

Increasing material life has boosted the need for people to enjoy health and beauty values. Spa centers and schools have sprung up like mushrooms ... to meet the needs of people pursuing cosmetology.

However, a situation shows that many units providing human resources for spa careers do not guarantee quality. Most noticeable are the offers for cheap spa, cheap beauty salon, quick spa, high income ... If learners do not understand this problem, misunderstand about the concept of spa learning cheap or choosing the wrong place to study also leads to "money loss disability".

According to beauty experts training beauty Dong Bao Tram said: “When choosing a spa career, students first need to choose prestigious places, which are attended by many people and have a license to practice and train. Another thing that young people need to pay attention to is that the teaching staff at the center must be those who have experience in the profession, deep expertise and ethics in spa and good pedagogy, supervision. students practice closely throughout the learning process ”.

"Revealing" The Secret of Cheap Beauty Vocational Training in Vietnam 2

Are Cheap Spa Care Centers Upon Graduation Good Job?

A quality spa training facility is also the place to use the industry's standard curriculum, always updated with new knowledge. At the same time, it is a guaranteed knowledge base that helps students understand the subject in depth.

Vocational training cheap cosmetic where to learn

Ms. Dong Bao Tram Also adds: When choosing the right spa training facility, students not only learn fast, absorb quickly but also minimize many other costs incurred after the end of the course. In particular, choosing the right school and the right place to study also helps spa students get jobs and earn income immediately. It is also one of the smart cost-saving ways that apprentices need to work towards, in today's "mixed gold" society.

High salary, quick payback after graduation, what is the truth?

Currently, the income of spa and cosmetology is in the top high. The technician has an average income of 8 - 15 million, including basic salaries and commissions. However, in order to achieve this level of income or higher, as well as rapid promotion, depends on many factors.

First of all, in apprentices themselves, not only is the hard work, training themselves but also must diligently learn more knowledge, take the initiative in the learning process and practice. Another important thing that students also need to pay attention to early employment, solid skills that is choosing a prestigious and quality place to study.

Spa students should not rush to choose a cheap cosmetic training center, as well as believe in the low-cost advertising. In order for the learning process to achieve the desired effect, students need an overview. That is, choosing a place to study based on the criteria of training quality, after finishing, you can apply for a job right away, recover capital, not spend more time and money to get another degree before you can apply for a job.

In many cases, the youngsters who spend time in the spa have to spend more money to gain more intensive knowledge, or spend a double amount to improve the foundational knowledge taught by the wrong center, which is not up to the job standard. This is very likely to happen for students who want to buy cheap tuition at the beginning without being able to cover the costs incurred during and after the learning process.

Practitioner Minh Chau (Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh City) confided: “Fortunately, at first, I decided to study at a reputable and prestigious vocational school, instead of choosing a cheap school like many friends. time. Therefore, after three months of studying, I was "ordered" by a beauty salon in District 1 to immediately go to work.

It is essential to select and consider the cost of visiting any course. But considering the total costs from the beginning of the apprenticeship until going to work and earning income, the investment that students make during the training process must correspond to the career skills they gain. Cheap tuition is a priority factor, but if you choose a place with cheap tuition and then have to spend money to buy equipment, textbooks, courses that generate other costs ... then it is not necessarily a vocational spa. cheap, but students will also cost twice, triple the normal tuition.

"Revealing" The Secret of Cheap Beauty Vocational Training in Vietnam 3 Cheap cosmetology training prestigious high quality

Opportunities for aesthetic students to improve their skills and knowledge through major national and international contests

Ms. Dong Bao Tram shared a few suggestions to find a guaranteed spa apprenticeship - avoiding risks at the vocational training stage:

- Ask clearly about the requirements - the nature of the job: to see if you are suitable for the career you are going to choose. For example, there are jobs that require dexterity, jobs or exposure to chemicals that you are allergic to or need to sit for hours on end or have jobs that require a lot of money to buy equipment.

- Ask questions about costs: How much is the tuition? Are there any fees during and after the course? Is there any additional equipment required for the course?

- About time: Accelerated quick learning mode and normal learning? Is there a reservation when there is an unexpected event? What if I can't keep up with the class?

- About location: Where to study (because there is a student enrollment party but study in many other places - rent a classroom)? Is there accommodation support (for remote students)?

- About qualifications: Is it valid for legal practice? Because there are only places where the certificate is recognized, it is not recognized as a certificate - a legal vocational qualification.

- What is the specific curriculum ?: Prestigious teaching places will have specific curriculum for students to refer from the beginning, avoiding that teaching problem. This section should ask more about the practice regime in the course (how many sessions, how many samples ...).

- Commitment in writing: All information about the course commitment must be clearly and transparently recorded in writing - the contract from the beginning to ensure the future.

Popular courses (depending on your taste) to get started with beginner beautification:

- Profession Profession Tattoo spray, Embroidery, Cosmetic sculpture (eyebrows - eyelids - lips).

- Skincare Specialist Training Course.

- Vocational Training Eyelash Extensions - Professional Eyelash Extensions.

- Make-up Vocational Training Class.

Miss Tram Academy using a system of methodical textbooks, a team of professional, skilled teachers and with the motto "Know what you teach, Supervise practice; Ethical training and professional working style ”so students can quickly grasp knowledge in a practical way, not book theory.

Especially, Miss Tram is the first and only unit to date investing in the application of App technology to support the free practice process for the beauty and aesthetic spa community in Vietnam. And this is also the only place with an online learning system of over 500 courses dedicated to internal training. Should students at Miss Tram Academy priority always be given a lot of benefits to develop a sustainable career during and after the training.

After finishing the training program Miss Tram Academy, students are committed to output, 100% strong workmanship, confident applying or opening their own spa. The degree at Miss Tram Academy is recognized by law / state and is valid throughout the territory of Vietnam.

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