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How To Limit The Lashiness

Eyelash extensions are a simple but effective method, helping your eyelashes change their appearance, become thicker, longer and warmer. As the lashes change, your face also becomes more attractive with deep, attractive eyes. That's why eyelash extensions has become a career of many young people.

However, the worry of many technicians is that customers complain that the eyelashes are very fast. So how to increase the time to keep the extensions. Refer to the article below.

How To Reduce The Condition of Eyelash Extensions Quickly

How long does it take to keep the extensions connected?

Eyelash extensions are a method that many women choose when they can overcome the disadvantages of short, thin, light eyelashes. As well as helping to escape the daily scene of wearing fake eyelashes, brushing mascara. With modern technology today, you can choose for yourself the different eyelash extensions from gentle, natural to sharp, sophisticated.

how to reduce the condition of fast eyelash extensions

Many of you often wonder how long the lashes stay. In fact, there is no specific measure that can say the exact length of eyelash retention after extensions, because it depends on many different factors. However, the eyelashes after extensions can be kept from 2 weeks to 1 month.

Some factors affecting the retention time are:

  • Eyelash style: Although many people will say that the type of eyelash connection is related to retention time. However, each type of different eyelash extensions will have different characteristics such as thin thickness, long short, ... making the eyelash holding time also different. With natural, gentle eyelash extensions will have shorter time than thick eyelash extensions, black rose lashes.
  • The location of each personi: People with oily skin will not be able to hold eyelashes longer than dry skin, because the oil will reduce the adhesion of glue a lot.
  • Skill of technician: With skilled technicians will help better eyelash extensions, thereby increasing the retention time longer.
  • Quality glue, fake eyelashes: With the quality of fake lashes as well as safe, quality, well-connected lashes will have a longer retention time than those of fake, floating lashes.
  • How to care after the connection: How to operate, care for and protect the eyelashes after extensions also affects the time to hold eyelashes a lot.

Ways to limit the loss of eyelash extensions

How To Reduce The Foulness 2

As mentioned above, the time for connecting extensions is affected by both the objective factors from the customers as well as the subjective factors from the technicians themselves. To help extend the retention period, you as a technician should pay attention to the following:

Advanced eyelash extensions technique

A skilled, solid technician will ensure the best quality of extensions. You should regularly practice and train to improve your skills. In addition, it is also advisable to update modern and advanced eyelash extensions methods and techniques both at home and abroad. With the more modern eyelash extensions, the eyelash holding time is longer.

How To Limit The Lose Eyelash Extensions 3

Some modern eyelashes are chosen by many customers today such as: 3D eyelash extensions (angel eyelashes), Black rose eyelashes, ... these are eyelash extensions that bring beautiful lashes without losing eyelashes real and long life.

Choose safe, good quality eyelash glue

Eyelash glue is an important element that helps to attach false eyelashes to real lashes. It affects not only the quality of eyelashes but also the health of customers. Therefore, you should choose quality eyelash extensions, made from foreign countries, to ensure the origin to get durable eyelashes without worrying that it will harm your customers. .
Use quality extensions

How To Limit The Lose Eyelash Extensions 4

Another important factor is eyelash extensions.

Light, thin eyelash extensions will be the secret to increasing the time of the extensions to 80%. A suggestion of Miss Tram Academy is that you can choose the type of silk lashes imported from Korea, this is a super-light false eyelash, not heavy as well as affecting the eyes of customers.

In addition to the above factors, to increase the retention time of eyelashes, you should instruct customers to take care of eyelashes properly. That is:

  • Do not allow your eyes to contact the water after connecting.
  • Do not rub, rub hard into the eyes.
  • Limit mascara brush as well as eye makeup remover.
  • Wear glasses when going out.
  • Check your eyelashes every day as well as every 2 to 3 weeks.

Above are the tips Miss Tram Academy Want to share to you. Hopefully, with these experiences, increasing the length of time to keep the extensions will not be too difficult for you as well as your customers. Wish you will always be an eyelash extensions technician that many customers trust and choose offline.

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