How to distinguish quality tattoo ink 1

How to distinguish quality tattoo ink

In cosmetic tattooing, tattoo ink is a very important factor that decides the results of tattoo spray as well as the health of customers. Today, when technology is increasingly developing, there are quality tattoo inks that do not cause allergies or affect the health of customers.

However, how to distinguish the quality tattoo ink among dozens of fake and low-quality products on the market. And Miss Tram Academy Go find the answer.

How to distinguish quality tattoo ink

Currently, there are two main types of tattoo ink on the market: inorganic and organic tattoo ink. With each different type of tattoo ink will have different characteristics.

1. Inorganic tattoo ink

Inorganic tattoo ink is tattoo ink with the main ingredient is iron oxide. This type of ink is very easy to stick on the skin as well as keeps very durable over time. However, the major drawback of this ink is that it is very easy to smudge and ALWAYS leave blue or gray-green streaks on the skin permanently, unable to fly away. Causing customers to have difficulty editing after performing tattoo spray.

How to distinguish quality tattoo ink 2

Although oxides are considered not harmful to human health, they are banned in some countries. However, it is worth mentioning that there are many for-profit manufacturers who want to increase grip, durability and sharpness without hesitation to add harmful components such as lead and mercury.

And of course, these ingredients will not appear on the packaging, making you unaware of their existence. These components go deep into the body, causing serious damage to the liver, kidneys and immune system, even causing cancer.

In addition, these inks will often have other ingredients such as derivatives, coloring, and especially azo colorants, which are banned from use because they will harm the human body, if actually The fact that erasing tattoos with a laser will cause the substance to spread throughout the body causes cancer.

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2. Organic tattoo ink

Differentiate quality tattoo ink

Organic tattoo inks, also called organic inks, with organic ingredients. This is a very popular toner today because of its safety for health. Although organic tattoo ink has less adhesion than inorganic tattoo ink, it produces much more shiny colors. And in particular, this ink will completely color in 1-2 years without leaving the blue, red streaks like inorganic tattoo ink.

Because made entirely of natural ingredients, organic so very safe for human health. Organic tattoo ink will not cause allergies, irritation or create dangerous complications.

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3. How to distinguish quality tattoo ink

  • Differentiate by price

As mentioned above, inorganic tattoo ink is made from iron oxide components as well as colorings and derivatives. But these components are relatively cheap, easy to produce and process, so the price of inorganic tattoo ink is therefore very cheap.

How to distinguish quality tattoo ink 3

As for organic tattoo ink, which is more expensive, it has to go through many stages of production and quality control before being marketed, so it has a higher price.

Since then, with the ink for sale at very cheap prices, it may be poor quality ink, inorganic ink that you should not use, to avoid affecting human health.

  • Distinguish based on composition

Differentiate quality tattoo ink

With inorganic ink, the component will contain all kinds of metals, so, with a magnet and a simple way, you can know if the ink contains metal or not?

Place the ink on a piece of glossy and thin paper, then use a light magnet to move under the gloss. If the ink is attracted to the magnet's direction of movement, this indicates that the ink contains metal. 

With the above analysis, you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of two types of tattoo ink on the market today. And on the advice of Miss Tram Academy, the health and beauty of our customers is very important.

Please use organic ink with natural ingredients produced in prestigious countries such as the US, Germany, ... to be able to bring quality products with glossy, beautiful colors, In addition, leaving no unfortunate consequences such as permanent tattoo ink is difficult to erase and even affect their health.

How to distinguish quality tattoo ink 4

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Once you work with your mind, giving customers quality products, the brand and trust you build will be recognized and spread by customers, helping you to stand firm and develop. with this beauty industry over time.

In addition to skilled workmanship, tattoo ink is also an extremely important factor not only for health but also the results after tattooing. Therefore, choosing the right quality tattoo ink is very important. With the sharing in this article, Miss Tram Academy Hope it has helped you to have a foundation in distinguishing what is quality tattoo ink. 

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