What to Do When Spraying Colored Eyelids

Treatment When Spraying Colored Eyelids

What Should I Do With Sprayed Eyelids

Sputtering of the eyelids is one of the most common mistakes made by novice technicians and even experienced people. If you are weak in skills, or neglected during the operation, it may affect the final result. So in this case we will handle like?

What to Do When Spraying Eyelids With Colored Spears 2

1. The cause of eyelid discoloration when spraying

Eyelid spray has the ability to create sharp eyelid contours, making the eyes more depth, glitter and more soul. In the past, many girls used pencil to create accents to their eyes. But this makeup style is time-consuming, requires meticulousness and may not work as expected. Therefore, more and more women find the method of eyelid spraying to refurbish their beauty.

Spraying eyelids according to modern techniques, the technicians will use embroidery tools with micro needle tip to carefully trace small strokes on the eyelid area, helping the ink penetrate deeply, change the pigmentation of the eyelid area. Because this area is quite sensitive because it is close to the eyes and fragile, it only requires a small negligence, the results may not be as expected, even affecting the vision of the person doing. So, Miss Tram Academy Note that you must be very focused, help your customers own the most beautiful eyelid border.

Note: How to Fix The Blue Eyelid Spray

Although the instructions are methodical, but in the process of manipulating it is difficult to avoid errors. And with Miss Tram Academy's training experience, the most common mistake is color lids.

Color stains are the case in which ink jets are deposited at one or more points on the eyelid contour. Meanwhile, the eyelid contour instead of sharp and definitive will appear flabby, losing the elegance.

Sprayed eyelid color stains

The cause of this error is:

  • Needle force is not uniform
  • The needle tip goes down the skin too deep

The control of the needle to go unevenly and to the ink under the skin too deep will lead to ink stagnation, smeared out the predefined contour. When it will ruin the eyelid shape that the customer chooses, it is considered that this eyelid spray is completely broken.

How to handle stained eyelids

In this case, we only have a single treatment is to remove the laser, then spray the new eyelids to the customer. This is the fault that the implementer does not want, and the customer is the most disappointed.

It takes a lot of time to correct the problem, the needle feeling will make customers unhappy. Therefore, if you encounter this case, you must skillfully apologize and reassure customers, then quickly fix errors for guests.

In addition, when spraying eyelids on customers, Miss Tram Academy also noted you some of the following:

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So, Miss Tram Academy have explained the cause of sprayed eyelids and how to fix them. Hopefully the article will help you gain more useful knowledge and experience.

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