Sharing Concerns About Skin's pH 1

Sharing Concerns About Skin's pH

For a skin care professional, having a basic knowledge of the skin's structure is absolutely essential. Because when you understand the skin, you can diagnose the condition, find the cause and develop the most suitable skin care and treatment route for customers.

Among the factors affecting the health of the skin, the imbalance of pH is one of the most important factors. So, do you know the pH of your skin? Do not skip the following article of Miss Tram Academy Please.

Sharing Concerns About Skin's pH

1. What is pH?

Sharing Concerns About Skin's pH 2

PH (stands for Potential of Hydrogen) - is the unit used to determine the alkalinity / acidity / neutrality of any product or environment. 

The pH is measured in grades 0-14, the lower the pH, the stronger the acidic environment. And conversely, the higher the pH, the stronger the alkaline environment. The neutral pH is 7 (water environment).

2. The importance of skin's pH balance?

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Human skin usually has 3 main layers: epidermis, dermis and dermis. In particular, the outermost layer of the epidermis will have an extremely thin film that creates natural moisture, helps protect the skin and prevents negative effects from the environment. This membrane is called the Mantle Acid Membrane.

Healthy skin will have a Mantle Acid Membrane with a pH between 4.5-6.2. This mild acid environment will prevent harmful bacteria, prevent dehydration and the impact of the outside environment most effectively. 

So, what happens if there is an imbalance in skin pH?

If this Mantle Acid Membrane layer loses its pH balance (too high or too low compared to its natural balance), the skin will not be protected and quickly develop serious skin problems such as:

  • Too low pH will cause the skin to produce excess oil, clogging and widening pores, creating a favorable environment for acne to form.
  • The pH is too high, the skin is prone to dryness, affecting the skin texture, causing the skin to quickly age and wrinkles easily appear later.
  • The skin is easily swollen and irritated by external environmental influences.
  • The process of using cosmetics does not reach optimal results, even cause irritation.

3. What causes the skin to lose its pH balance?

Sharing Concerns About Skin's pH 4

Typically, skin pH is directly affected by the following causes:

  • Using inappropriate skin care cosmetics (having a pH that is too high or too low with the skin's natural pH) causes the Mantle Acid Film to break down.
  • Improper skin care habits: washing your face too much, exfoliating too hard, rubbing on your skin too much, using hot water ...
  • An unscientific diet (eating a lot of alkaline food will cause the acidity of the skin to increase, and conversely eating a lot of acidic foods, the alkalinity of the skin will increase).

Although Mantle Acid Membrane on the skin will heal itself after a few hours, if there are many factors acting continuously, this process can take up to several days. Therefore, to ensure the pH of the skin is always balanced, it is necessary to take proper care of the skin and use appropriate cosmetics.

4. Some notes about the pH of cosmetics that skin care professionals need to know

  • Skin cleansing cosmetics such as makeup remover and facial cleanser have an average pH of 5-6.
  • Toners usually have a low pH, about 3.5 - 4.5 to balance the pH of the skin well.
  • Cleaning products such as shower gel have an average pH of 6, soap has a pH> 7.

pH of skin

With other skin care products, depending on the skin condition, you should choose cosmetics with appropriate pH. For example, acne and alkaline products will usually have a high pH above 7.5, while dry skin products have a lower pH - from 4.5 to make sure the skin is not irritated.

The use of cosmetic products with inappropriate pH is considered as one of the main causes of many skin problems. Therefore, when receiving customers, you need to ask the skin care product lines that customers are using to give the best judgment and advice.

5. How to ensure skin's pH balance?

pH of skin

In order for customers to have a balanced pH on their skin, you need to build a skincare cycle and advise customers to use appropriate skin care products. Therefore, after conducting a skin examination and skin test, develop a proper skin care routine according to the following criteria:

  • Do not use cleansers with a pH above 6.5, only repair your face with a cleanser 2 times a day and use a soft cotton towel to clean your face. 
  • Do not exfoliate more than 2 times / week and do not use too rough granular products.
  • Do not steam more than 2 times / week and always adjust the distance of the sauna, avoiding burns.
  • Do not apply the mask more than 3 times a week, do not apply it too long to choose the right ingredients / products for your skin condition.
  • Always choose cosmetics carefully, paying attention to the ingredients, origin to ensure the most suitable and safe for the skin.
  • Limit cosmetic changes constantly in a short time, causing the skin to not adapt and irritate easily.
  • Always wear sunscreen on the skin.

In addition to practical skills, any skin care professional needs to master the basic knowledge of the skin. This will help you have a better overview, thereby improving the ability to analyze, diagnose and offer the most accurate treatment for customers. Therefore, always learn and cultivate a lot of skin knowledge to quickly become an expert.

Hope the share of Miss Tram Academy would be helpful to you. Good luck!

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