Does Lip Pee Doesn't Toss Better than Lip Pee

Pee Doesn't Pee Pee More likely to Pee Pee Pee?

Questions and Answers | Pee Doesn't Pee Pee More likely to Pee Pee Pee?

Does Lip Pee Doesn't Toss Better than Lip Pee

According to you, "Does anesthetized lip not be more swollen than an anesthetized lip?"

The truth is TRUE is that, my friends, because the fact that when performing for customers all give the same results, lips are easier to treat without being anesthetized for the following reasons:

+ The structure of the lips consists of 3 layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the dermis. Unlike the skin, lips do not have greasy glands, no pores, do not contain melanin pigment that causes dull skin and the color of lips caused by the small blood vessels below. So lips have characteristics VERY SENSITIVE and Vulnerable to injury.

+ Performing a lip spray operation without numbness does NOT inhibit the sensory nerves, so when the KTV manipulates, guests will REACTIVATE make the force go uneven and lips will swell.

+ Psychology of both customers and KTV in this case will be a bit HOANG MANG. Customers are more afraid of pain than usual, and KTV will not be confident when doing so affect the needle force.

These are the reasons that making lips without anesthesia will be more easily swollen and painful than usual. However, when there is a cause, inevitable solutions or solutions will appear. Miss Tram would like to post the following post to give a fix for this case.

Practitioners and KTV think first and then share more about this topic offline!

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