My lips are not good What lips are good for me 1

My lips are not suitable for lips. What method is beautiful?

|Hỏi – Đáp|| Hai Cánh Môi Mình Không Đều Thì Làm Môi Phương Pháp Gì Cho Đẹp

My lips are not good What lips are good for me 2

Miss Tram hiểu rằng không phải ai sinh ra cũng đều may mắn sở hữu cho mình một dáng môi chuẩn. Khi môi có những khiếm khuyết, tự bản thân sẽ không muốn nhìn, cảm thấy xấu xí, không hài lòng dẫn đến tự ti…

There are many customers that Miss Tram has met, they always consider the mask as a companion because they do not want others to know the defects to scrutinize or speak ill of ...

Liệu có phương pháp làm đẹp môi nào che đi những khuyết điểm đó không?

With modern beauty technology today, it is not difficult for you to own a clear, fresh and vibrant lips when having the following options:

  • Phun môi nữ hoàng.
  • Phun môi pha lê collagen công nghệ Hàn Quốc.
  • Điêu khắc môi vi điếm

Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it is IMPORTANT to overcome the situation that the lips are not equal (the lips deviate) by drawing "cheating" in or out so that it is balanced between the 2. on the lips.

- Before performing, the specialist will discuss and advise you on each method, thereby considering your needs, interests and budget to make an appropriate choice.

Lựa chọn làm đẹp môi tại Miss Tram sẽ có những ưu điểm sau:

- GOOD specialists are direct trainers.

- Owning mode of free mile support 100% with time from 1-2 years (unlimited mileage) if you want to change lip color as you like.

- Always be supported by customer care department to guide, listen to ideas and schedule an appointment until absolute satisfaction.

For the best beauty experience and results, contact Miss Tram directly for expert visits and specific advice!

Do not hesitate, call HOTLINE 1900 7018 For advice on any questions you may have about the service.

- Spray lips Crystal helps lips up in nature, keeping the color quite stable
- Collagen Crystal Spray and Lip Stem Cell Spray help you own smooth, soft lips
- Spray the lips of the queen Natural lip color - Painless - Color fast - Safe
- Sculpting micro lips to color up quickly and to the right color
- Treatment of dark lips and natural lips spray for both men and women
- ....

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