When Spraying Skin Tattoo, Customers Should Not Eat Drugs What to Do 1

When Spraying Skin Tattoo, Customers Do Not Eat Drugs What To Do

In the process of performing tattoo spray (eyebrow or lip), we will be unavoidable in case the customer has the opportunity to eat numb skin. Meanwhile, the needle will be quite difficult because customers feel more pain. Faced with this situation, you need a quick response to avoid affecting the psychology of the guest as well as the final result.

When Spraying Skin Tattoo, Customers Do Not Eat Drugs What to Do 2

What To Do When Spraying Skin Tattoo Without Eating Drugs

The role of anesthetic techniques in eyebrow - lip aesthetics

Skin tattoo spray does not eat anesthetic

The technology of eyebrow-lip aesthetics (spray embroidery, sculpture) today is much more modern with the faster execution process, the more beautiful ink colors and the lines created look more elegant and natural. In particular, eyebrow spray - lips are no longer too painful, swollen and take time to relax as before. However, the basic requirement when performing tattoo spraying still requires the anesthetic process.

+ Note: Procedure Steps When Performing Basic Cosmetic Tattoo

Anesthesia when spraying eyebrow - lips will have the following effects:

  • Reduce pain feeling for customers during needle walking
  • Helping customers feel comfortable, psychologically stable so that technicians can walk needle easily
  • Anesthesia can contribute to help technicians perform accurate ink spray, aligning harmonious lines to bring the best results

Although anesthesia is a basic step in tattoo spraying, this technique is extremely important because it can affect post-worship results. Therefore, we need to pay close attention to ensure the process goes smoothly and effectively.

When Spraying Skin Tattoo, Customers Do Not Eat Drugs What To Do 3

+ Note: Precautions When Storing Tattoo Sprayer

Anesthetic techniques and ways to handle guests with atopic skin

In eyebrow - lip tattoo spray, each method will have a different anesthetic way. Here is the most standard technique, which can help customers feel comfortable during the process.

Anesthesia eyebrow

Currently on the market there are many different types of numbness for eyebrows, but you should choose a good one to ensure customer safety, minimize the risks that may occur. The permitted level of anesthesia is 5%, the incubation period lasts about 40 minutes. The cosmetic products used by many cosmetology establishments will fluctuate in the range of 25% - 50%, shorter incubation time (about 15-25 minutes depending on type).

This type of numbness results in a quick, but hypoallergenic reaction in some guests with atopic sensitivities sensitive to the heartbeat symptoms, shortness of breath. In addition, if you choose a low-quality numb, the skin will be tight, a little shiny to hinder ink to skin.

Before conducting anesthesia, you need to disinfect the eyebrows for effective osmosis. The eyebrow cream will be 1mm thick. After application, use specialized plastic incubation again.

In case the customer has no skin numbness you should use more safe numbness (specialized for open wounds). When we do eyebrow, we will apply to the skin and leave for about 2 minutes. If the customer no longer feels a lot of irritation then the numbness is effective.

Skin tattoo spray does not eat anesthetic

+ Note: Cases Should Not Spray Cosmetic

Lip numbness incubation

When numbing your lips, you need to clean your lips, as well as exfoliate before. The lip skin is very delicate, so we have to apply a layer of Vasenline around it. This step will limit the case of numbness.

After applying the numb patch to your lips, you will cover the plastic and wait about 10-15 minutes for the effect to numb. Just like you, if the client still feels sore lips, then need to apply safe numbness in about 2 minutes. Note, do not overuse numbness as it can affect ink color.

Above are some experiences to handle cases where customers do not eat numb when tattooing. Miss Tram Academy Wish you successfully handle these errors.

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