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Powder spraying is not a new technology, but it still catches the attention of women, because it brings sharp eyebrows, brightens the face at a relatively soft cost. In order to bring customers the final results that are beautiful, harmonious and right, during the implementation, the KTV must pay attention to do the following:

1. Choose the right color for guests

The color of flour is now very diverse, with tones such as chocolate, brown, moss, black and brown, ... And not everyone fits every tone. Based on customer preferences, skin color and their hair color, you will advise to choose the best powder color.

We must not follow trends but choose to rush because it can ruin the appearance of our customers.

2. Use only quality ink

Choose carefully inkjet ink and powder coating, avoid using poor quality products, mixing impurities. The use of ink jet is not guaranteed can make the color up is not standard, darker eyebrows, prone to oxidation of color and even make customers metal poisoning.

It is best to use toner and powder extracted from herbs, creating the most harmonious and natural beauty for you.

3. Powder spread technique for eyebrows

In theory, when spraying eyebrow shape is about 80%, we will proceed to use super smooth powder to spread evenly on the eyebrows and anneal color. However, the implementation process can be flexible in the following ways:

- Mix the flour with water level and spray normally. Then incubate for 15 minutes.
- Spray the water level is 80%, add powder to mix, mix and spray. Then incubate for 15 minutes.
- Mix the powder with water mixed into ink and spray normally, finally rub the powder on the eyebrows and incubate for 10-15 minutes.

Make good use of the above sharing of Miss Tram Academy to give your customers true eyebrow powder spraying really you!

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