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Techniques to Measure the Foot Drawing App According to the Best Gold Ratio

An eyebrow-drawing app that follows the golden proportions of the face

To help you spray embroidery, sculpting is beautiful and harmonious with the face of the customer, requiring the KTV to grasp the technical steps of app measurement, drawing the most standard form. The standard here is that we have to know how to align with the face rate, so that it can meet the aesthetic and suitability for each person.

The eyebrows follow each face

The course of spraying embroidery sculpture eyebrow mainly use modern technologies to put ink into the skin according to the predetermined form. If you have a nice and fit look, you have successfully implemented 50% with this aesthetic method.

Currently on the market there are many different models of eyebrows such as eyebrows across Korea, you hide the West, you will touch the leaves of the East, ... You master the face, so your shape can decide a lot. to the appearance of a person. You need to understand that, depending on the different faces, we will have suitable styles.

So, even though the market is hot in any form, you should not follow the trend but hurry up for your guests. Take a look at the overall face of the guest to determine what is the best shape, then talk to the guests to find out the standard form and agree with them.

Here are suggestions on how to choose eyebrows to suit each specific face you can refer to:

- If the client has oval face, you can advise to make every shape, because this is a face with a standard rate, with many types.

- If you own a round face with brow bone, cheekbones, chin bone and jaw bone, you should choose one of the eyebrows such as eyebrows slightly curved (but not too long), eyebrow-shaped eyebrows mark, ^ brow eyebrow, brow in a semicircle.

- People on the square face often show their personality but lack the gentleness and femininity. If you want to balance this look, you should consult the guest to make a semicircle. This eyebrow will help the contours on the client's face soft and elegant.

- In case the customer has a long face with a cheekbones, unbalanced between the ratio of length and width, choose a horizontal shape. Horizontal look will help your face look fresh, full of life and stand out.

- In many cases, customers have triangular faces with large jaw bone, narrow cheekbones. In this case, the most suitable shape for you is only slightly curved. This shape will help your face softer, less dry and heavy.

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Do the app, draw you like?

When determining the shape of the eyebrow that is suitable for the customer, the next step will be to align it to the form of the eyebrow. Currently, eyebrow embroidery is simpler because we have supporting tools such as measuring rulers and specialized molds. Just choose the right mold, you can step by step follow those predetermined lines.

In case you want to align your best and most beautiful shape, please master the following techniques:

Step 1: First of all, you should mark the eyebrows at 3 points, including: Head, Peak, Tail. If you want to be accurate, use the alignment ruler according to the instructions below:

  • From perpendicular wing tip to eyebrow head called eyebrow head
  • From the tip of the nose, the eyebrow is the top of the eyebrow
  • From the wing of the eyebrow, the tail is the end of the eyebrow

We convert the distance between points as follows: Distance from Top -> Peak = 2 / 3; distance from Peak -> Tail with 1 / 3

Step 2: Proceed with drawing

  • Getting from one side of the eyebrow first with the eyebrows of the eyebrows remains the same, only lightly strokes the ink
  • Align the gap between the eyebrow head and the root of the nose, ranging from 2-2.5cm
  • Draw a light eyebrow, so that it is harmonious and bold
  • Then draw similar to the other side

Note: A beautiful eyebrow must meet 3 chromaticity: the top of the light, the middle of the dark, the tail of medium medium.

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MissTram Academy Hope you are succesful.

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