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What Is The Effect Of Chicken Egg Yolk Mask For Skin?

What effect does egg yolk mask bring to the skin?

When using eggs to prepare masks, we need to know the use of each part to apply to each skin condition. Because in the egg, the whites and the yolk are all about certain functions. In this article, Miss Tram Academy will help you better understand egg yolk and some effective skin care masks with this material.

Nutrition ingredients in chicken egg yolk

Chicken egg yolk is especially rich in healthy fats, water, multivitamins and minerals. This will be an excellent skincare material, especially dry skin because these ingredients help to bind water molecules, moisturize skin cells. Thus, when using egg yolk for skin care, our skin always feels soft.

Here are the specific nutritional ingredients found in chicken egg yolk:

  • Protein: helps maintain skin elasticity, prevents sagging, premature aging on the skin effectively.
  • The egg yolk vitaminA also has the ability to soothe the inflammation of the acne, nourishing healthy skin from within.
  • B-group vitamins help fight bad free radicals - which cause skin damage problems, anti-inflammatory as well as enhance hydration for skin cells. This amount of vitamin B is also very effective in white maintenance, bringing about youthful skin.
  • Zinc in egg yolk helps kill acne-causing bacteria, controlling inflammation caused by acne.
  • The healthy fat group in eggs is essential for maintaining skin smoothness, nourishing and restoring effective peeling dry skin.

When using egg yolk to nourish the skin, we can use this ingredient alone or in combination with ingredients that contain dark pigmentation compounds, improving the current condition on the skin.

Skin whitening formula with chicken egg yolk

  1. Fresh egg yolk and lemon

Combine chicken egg yolk with lemon, and if you add fresh milk, honey, we will have an effective skin care mask. These ingredients will help eliminate dead cells, fade dark areas, promote collagen growth. Thanks to that, the face skin will be brighter, softer and more elastic.


  • Egg yolk yolk
  • 1 honey teaspoon
  • 1 / 2 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 fresh milk sugarless coffee spoon

Implementation: Mix and brush these ingredients together into a smooth mixture. Next, apply the mask to your face, leave it for about 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

  1. Egg yolk, yogurt and avocado

Butter is an ingredient that has excellent moisturizing ability, while enhancing hygroscopic fat with healthy, smooth skin. Meanwhile yogurt contains many beneficial bacteria, both helps gently antibacterial and helps to brighten white skin.


  • Egg yolk yolk
  • 1 / 2 ripe avocado
  • 1 yogurt coffee spoon

Implementation: Mash the butter (or use a blender), then add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Apply the mask to the skin in a circular motion, allowing the person to lie still and fully relax in 15 minutes (or maybe until the mask is dry).

After this time, use moist water to rinse your skin and you will notice many different skin changes. The most visible is the soft, bright skin.

  1. Egg yolk, honey and almond oil

This skin lightening formula is quite suitable for people who have acne problems, because natural minerals in honey will help antibacterial, clean pores. Almond oil works to heal dry skin, nourish and balance skin moisture.


  • Egg yolk yolk
  • 1 honey teaspoon
  • 1 almond oil coffee spoon

Implementation: Mix these ingredients together and start beating until the air bubbles rise. You apply the mask all over your face in a circular motion. After about 30 minutes, use warm water to clean the skin.

Note with the chicken egg yolk recipe mask:

  1. When preparing a mask you should apply it immediately to the skin. Although the mask can be stored in the refrigerator, it is best to use it immediately because the nutritional ingredients can change.
  2. Before applying the mask, proceed to clean the skin to help expand the pores, the skin absorbs nutrients better.
  3. During the masking process, it is worth noting that the person who is lying on the bed relaxes, avoiding facial movement because the mask is tightening the skin, if too much movement will cause wrinkles.

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