Mi Doll Style For Attractive Glitter Eyes

Mi Doll Style For Attractive Glitter Eyes

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Mi Doll Style For Attractive Glitter Eyes

One of the methods of beautifying Lashes - FASTLY selected by girls is Mi Lash form. There are many different styles of eyelash extensions, such as silk eyelash extensions, 3D eyelash extensions, black rose eyelashes, angel eyelashes ... Among them, doll-style eyelash extensions are considered the most suitable for Asian faces, bringing the elegant and natural.

In today's post, Miss Tram Academy and the students will learn more about this Doll-style eyelash extensions!

What are extensions of beep?

By connecting many false eyelashes on real eyelashes, the base of the eyelashes bunches and the tip spreads into a V-shaped beam with short differences, giving the feeling of the thickest and most natural eyelashes. However, the fake lashes here are arranged in a certain order, usually the long lashes in the center then gradually shorter to the two ends to look like the doll's eyes.

Mi doll suitable for any object

For the eyelid type, the double eyelids, eyelids, the small but long-eyed eyelashes will be the most beautiful because you can "cheat" the height by connecting long strands at the main. center and make use of the length of the eyes to make the eyes appear rounder and shinier.

Want to create a beautiful pair of durable doll lashes, the KTV remember to note the following factors:

With eyelashes in the most basic form, the middle part you can connect mi number 13 (mi length 13mm) and gradually reduce mi number 12, 11, 10 to 2 eyes. Or you can also flexibly choose other parameters such as: connecting the eyelashes between 15mm is still fine, as long as the overall guarantee harmony, proportion and DO NOT break doll eyes.

Use fake eyelashes and quality glue

In order for mi to achieve the factor of BEAUTY - BEAUTIFUL and customers feel satisfied, you can refer to genuine Korean 100% silk eyelash combined with imported glue for maximum durability as well as no skin irritation. .

Skill of KTV

Eyelash extensions require dexterity and meticulousness to arrange false lashes in a certain order. Therefore, the skills of the KTV plays a very important role. The KTV must be TRAINING VERSION, master the basic knowledge.

In addition, the KTV must always train skills, often learn new technologies, improve their skills as well as their knowledge.

Refer to the information of popular courses (depending on your preference) to get started with beauty:

Please contact Miss Tram immediately for more advice on the study path and see if you are suitable for this career or not!

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