After Sculpting Your Eyebrows, You Need More Miles 1

After Sculpting Your Eyebrows

After sculpting eyebrows need miles? The question of many women, as well as brothers and sisters who want to beautify their eyebrows by sculpting method, right?

After Sculpting Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow sculpture is considered the advanced eyebrow cosmetic method and is currently the most appreciated. With this method will bring customers a natural and sharp eyebrows.

However, with any beauty method, it has its own color fastness. So what about sculpting eyebrows? After doing it, do you need miles? And Miss Tram Academy Find out with the article below.

1. Features of the eyebrow sculpture method

Sculpting eyebrows is the aesthetic method to create the most advanced eyebrows today. This is the method that the technician will use a specialized sculpting knife with a very small, super sharp blade to bring ink into the skin, carving each eyebrow thread interspersed with real eyebrow fibers, creating a pair. The eyebrows are very high.

After Sculpting Your Eyebrows

Sculpting eyebrows need miles again? And miles again

With this method, the technician will meticulously carve the eyebrows based on the color, shape, natural development trend of real eyebrows. The eyebrows after implementation will be difficult to detect, thereby helping to bring the natural beauty that men can also perform to improve the defects of the eyebrows.

+ The secret to choosing the best eyebrow sculpture

By manual sculpting, the technician will control the depth of depth on each ink line so it does not invade deeply, does not cause swelling, bleeding so it does not take much time for relaxation.

After Sculpting Your Eyebrows, Do You Need to Miles? And why

Sculpting eyebrows do not need to be miles again and how long after the sculpting miles

The ink used for this method is commonly used in nature-based ink, has undergone rigorous testing, does not contain iron oxide components as well as chemical components that are harmful to children's health. people. Therefore, there will be no blushing, reddening over time while retaining the original color, not irritating and suitable for all skin types.

2. After sculpting eyebrows need miles again?

Many of you wonder whether after sculpting the eyebrows, it needs to be miles again or not? Miss Tram's answer is have Please. So why this step, let's see the causes below:

Cause After Sculpting Eyebrows There Need Miles Back

Sculpting eyebrows need miles again? Why yes, why not?

+ Treatment Of Eyebrows Sculpture Does Not Color

+ The method of sculpting the eyebrows is a technique using a special knife with a small blade to bring ink to the skin, carving each eyebrow thread alternating with the real eyebrow. These eyebrows after the first peeling will not be able to hold 100% so the eyebrows at this time can not be perfect.

After 1 month from the date of implementation will proceed again, this time the eyebrows will be more and more beautiful. This is also the first answer to the problem because after sculpting the eyebrows need miles

+ Why after sculpting eyebrows need miles again? Because One more influencing factor is ink usage. Typically the ink used to sculpt as Miss Tram is currently used as organic inks, naturally derived inability to stick to tough colors like inorganic inks containing iron oxide components.

Therefore, it is necessary to repeat the mileage from the 2nd time to achieve even and beautiful color. Accordingly, the eyebrows will be very beautiful, shiny color and at the same time not harmful to the health of performers.

+ Besides, each person's location will affect the ability to stick to color. For dry skin, normal skin will be able to stick better. Those with oily, combination skin will have a harder time sticking to the color. Therefore, it is necessary to make 2 - 3 miles to be beautiful. 

+ In addition to the objective factors as above, the skill of the technician, the facilities performed and the care regime before performing the sculpture also affects the color adhesion after peeling.

Day 1: Just finished, thin fibers, files into the hair ... Days 5-7: after grinding, eyebrows begin to flake. ... making each thread manually so there is no longer 100%, please come and check where necessary

Sculpting eyebrows need miles to look better

+ Process of Sculpting Eyebrows Standard

Performing back the eyebrow after sculpting is the step to help the rear eyebrow perform perfectly. Because there are customers who will not pay much attention to the eyebrows, but most customers want to spend money to get a beautiful eyebrow, the result must be really perfect.

However, after the first flaking, there are fuzzy eyebrows, interrupted, ... these factors will make you lose sleep.

3. The note helps you get beautiful eyebrows perfect

The process of sculpting eyebrows and peeling eyebrows naturally

Cause after sculpting eyebrows need miles

+ Choose the basis of reputation and quality performance. Because this is a manual method, it requires the technician's technique to be strong to produce good results. If not, "money lost disability" is very high.

+ Although sculpting eyebrows do not invade deep into the skin, does not cause swelling so there is no need to abstain too much. However, there are precautions in eating, activities that also help to get the best results.

Whereby, Do not use stimulants such as beer, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, ... after implementation. Eating and drinking also need more attention. No strong impact on eyebrows and limit swimming, swimming. It is generally advisable to follow the care instructions of a beauty salon and specialist.

+ Sunscreen should be applied with an SPF of at least 30, and carefully shield every time you go to the streets to maintain a durable color.

+ How To Care Eyebrows Properly After Sculpting

With the share of Miss Tram Academy as above hope to help you answer the questions about the issue of sculpting his eyebrows need to miles again. Since it is no longer too worried if immediately after making sculptures, your eyebrows are not really perfect.

All issues and advice are more specific than the case. After sculpting the eyebrows, if you need them again, you can contact us, make an appointment for more specific advice.


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