Distinguishing The Current Common Mi Splicing Method 1

Distinguish The Current Common Mi Splicing Method

Eyelash extensions is currently one of the popular services for women, because it provides a charming, sparkling eye with thick, curled lashes. In addition, eyelash extensions also help cover the inherent shortcomings of the eyes such as short, thin eyelashes, small eyes, eyelids, ... With increasingly modern and advanced beauty technology, there are many methods. Various eyelash extensions have been created to meet the diverse needs of women.

So what are the common eyelash extensions and how to distinguish them now? Check out the article below.

Distinguish The Current Common Mi Splicing Method

1. Eyelash extensions Classic

Classic current popular eyelash extensions method

This is one of the most basic eyelash extensions. Classic eyelash extensions are a method of attaching each false eyelash to each real eyelash, creating a natural, gentle lashes. This lash pattern is also called the One by one eyelash extension method.

This is the traditional method of eyelash extensions and still loved by women, chosen by the naturalness that it brings, and at the same time, this type of eyelash extensions is not heavy and stubborn from the first eyelash extension.

2. Connect mi Volume (Black rose)

Distinguishing The Current Common Mi Splicing Method 2

The second basic eyelash pattern is the volume mi sample and when it comes back to Vietnam, this method is called the eyelash extensions. This is a method of attaching many false eyelashes to each real eyelash. The number of false lashes can be from 2 to 8 lashes and corresponding to each lash is called eyelash extensions 2D, 3D, ...

Many of you will feel afraid when attaching many false eyelashes on one real eyelash can cause lashes to be heavy, collapse or sting your eyes, rest assured, this method uses the "extremely thin" false eyelashes. with a thickness of only 0.07 mm or less.

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With the volume eyelash extensions, you will have a long, extremely attractive, thick lashes, the eyes also look sharper, sharper and much more rounded.

Common ways to connect mi volumes today are as follows:

  • Method 1: Join each strand. In this way, you will make the 1st false eyelash extensions, then the 2nd, 3rd false eyelashes, ... until the last fake eyelashes. This is a way that requires meticulous, meticulous great from the technician and takes a lot of time to complete.
  • Method 2: Join multiple lashes at once. This way brings convenience, a lot faster. Therefore, this is a widely used connection. With this extension, you can use the fan volume available on the market or make your own fan volume by hand with the right amount.

3. Eyelash extensions Katun

This is the type of extensions that are very popular with young people today, because of the personality and vividness that it brings. Unlike traditional eyelash extensions where the length of the false eyelashes is equal, Katun eyelash extensions are a combination of short lengths of fake lashes alternating to make the lashes look much more prominent.

Distinguishing The Current Common Mi Splicing Methods 3


Katun extensions also have 2 variations from 2 basic types of eyelash extensions:

  • Classic Katun extensions: This style uses the classic eyelash extensions method, but using false eyelashes with different lengths, during the process, you should arrange the position of the eyelashes reasonably, suitable for the eyes as well as the mold. customer's face. The effect will make you satisfied.
  • Extension of Katun Volume: This type is again a variation from the method of eyelash extensions when making eyelash extensions of different short lengths into real eyelashes With this type of eyelash extensions, although combining many false eyelashes on the same eyelash, it does not cause a "bulky" feeling to the eyes.

For girls who love stylish, charming style, this is the right choice.

With the basic method of eyelash extensions, the technician can create many different types of eyelash extensions that suit each eye shape, both overcome the shortcomings of those eyes and make the eyes look big. more vivid and help create a unique personality for each customer.

Note: How long will it take for me to connect you

Some ways to apply eyelashes to overcome the defects of some common eyes that you can refer to are:

  • Eyelid / liner eyelids

Distinguishing Current Common Mi Extensions 4

With this shape, you should make eyelash extensions click on the center of the eye, which means that the longest false eyelash will be in the middle area, then gradually reduce the length to the sides. The eyelashes at this time need a certain curvature to help the eyes open and rounder. At the same time overcome the disadvantages of eyelid liner / eyelid collapse.

  • Single eyelid shape

    Distinguishing The Current Common Mi Splicing Methods 5

To help the eyes look bigger, the technician should choose the type of eyelash extensions with the length of false eyelashes gradually towards the tail, and at the same time a few longer false eyelashes form 2 eyelashes. This will make your eyes bigger and more attractive.

  • Deep eyes

    Distinguishing Current Common Mi Extensions 6

If the customer owns this eye shape, you should choose very long but well-curled false eyelashes that will make the eyes look more prominent, making the eyes more vivid and attractive.

Knowing the basics of eyelash extensions will help you succeed in creating or performing different types of eyelash extensions. Miss Tram Academy Hoping to provide you with the necessary and useful information for your study and career.

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