Storage of Tattoo Sprayers What to Look Out for 1

Care Of Tattoo Sprayers What To Pay Attention To

[Questions & Answers] Care Of Tattoo Sprayers What Need To Note

Storage of Tattoo Sprayers What to Look Out for 2

Today, we will still continue together with the topic USE and PRESERVATION tattoo sprayer, so you can share more with Miss Tram and everyone else your Tips to learn and develop together.

As for the maintenance of the tattoo machine, Miss Tram often instructs her students to note the following:

  • Avoid spilling ink into the machine core. If you have accidentally spilled ink: use very thin needle tip 1 layer of cotton ball to clean core.
  • If the opening part of the machine is covered with ink: put a few drops of oil on the tip of the needle, then point the needle towards the ground, simultaneously open the machine and remove the needle with a cotton ball.
  • Use the correct charger according to the machine: Many of you should ask to use versatile charger (voltage stabilizer)? Then the answer is NO. To ensure the performance and durability of the device, use only machine charger. In case of damaged charger, damaged or have problems that have not been purchased, the new versatile charger is used.

The player must be soaked and washed every time, so as to avoid residual color in the needle to avoid ink overlapping. In addition, the whole machine should be cleaned with physiological saline solution or alcohol to sterilize the head and body. After leaving the air for 8-12 hours will cause bacteria, germs will die. Combined with the use of antibacterial maintenance after spraying, the lips, eyebrows, eyelids of customers after tattooing will be very secure.

After each use of the sprayer, apply a small amount of machine oil to the core to extend the life of the machine

Tattoo spraying machine is like all other machines.When using for a period of time, you should pay attention to periodic maintenance at home or through a professional to ensure the machine always works best. Thus, the beauty results for new customers are perfect as expected.

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