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How To Fix A Simple And Efficient Eating Face Skin


When makeup for guests in any style, it is important first of all we have to create a soft background, so that the next steps to ensure harmony, highlighting the overall face. However, there will be times when we encounter a face that does not eat chalk, making makeup more difficult than ever. So how should this situation be handled? Is there any way to create a smooth, standard background? Please refer to the following tips for Miss Tram Academy!

Why do not face skin eat chalk?

In makeup, foundation chalk is one of the basic steps before applying other details. When the skin does not eat chalk, the face will look very unsightly, thereby affecting the overall aesthetic of the customer.

If you look at it, it is easy to see that people who own certain dry, moisturized skin will find it difficult to wear makeup. People of this type of skin have external skin patches or rough conditions, if chalking or creaming into hard-to-penetrate skin layers, revealing irregularly colored patches. In addition, there is another reason that is because we apply the makeup process wrongly, making the skin impossible to be smooth and the peeling patches are more visible than ever.

People with dry skin are very hard to eat chalk when wearing makeup

So how to fix the skin without eating chalk?

When applying make-up (for yourself and your customers), if you have face-to-face condition, you can apply the following treatment directions:

  1. First of all, please deep clean your skin with gentle cleansing, suitable for your skin condition. According to experience, dry skin should avoid alcoholic products because it dehydrates the skin, causing more peeling. You should also remove the makeup, remove the original cosmetic residue on the skin to make skin more open.
  2. Secondly, prepare face masks from oats, sea salt or use a variety of available masks to remove the old cell layer. This will help your skin feel smoother and more easily absorbed.
  3. Third, before applying the foundation to dry skin, we have to apply a layer of lotion. This moisturizer provides moisture, soft skin, on the other hand, will limit the peeling.

Exfoliating cells will help skin smooth, more easily absorbed nutrients

In addition to these treatments, you should also note some of the following to get a smooth, bright base:

  • For dry skin, prioritize makeup primer cream to create better grip. As for foundation, you should switch to cream or liquid because it will help absorb quickly, creating a light thin layer on the skin. Common types of chalk when dry skin is easy to cause "white mold" because dry skin has poor permeability.
  • To make the skin on the back cover more smooth, we can mix moisturizing serum with foundation cream and beat it on the face normally. The skin will be provided with the necessary moisture, keeping the smoothness longer.
  • Skin that does not eat chalk after applying makeup should use mineral spray evenly to lock makeup layer, retain the necessary moisture for skin.

And more importantly, before starting makeup you have to look carefully, identify what type of skin your client uses to apply the appropriate cosmetic line. Currently on the market, whether dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, there are different types of products prepared with separate indexes. Choosing the right products we will avoid makeup errors and protect the skin more effectively.

Some share on here Miss Tram Academy hope useful with you. Wish you overcome the problem of not eating chalk skin successfully!

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