Which Lip Color Matches The Skin Of Most Vietnamese People

Which Lip Color Matches The Skin Of Most Vietnamese People

[QUESTION - ANSWER] Which Lip Color is suitable for the skin of the majority of Vietnamese people

Which Lip Color Matches The Skin Of Most Vietnamese People

There is a small question that students asked Miss Tram how to choose the right color for lips? Or advice on which lip color is suitable for the majority of Vietnamese people ?, ...

Probably everyone knows that not everyone fits a certain color. For example, someone looks better in red lips but is "more" when it comes to orange lips or vice versa. Therefore, pay attention to the skin color, hair color, age of customers to choose the color that best suits.

Most Vietnamese skin has yellow skin, so it has a certain dark color, depending on the skin of each customer, the lips surface also has roughness and wrinkles. Therefore, this case can consult for guests as follows:

+ The colors that are chosen for Vietnamese skin are natural oranges, peaches, natural reds or peaches.

+ In case the customer likes fresh colors, you can go orange red: you need to limit the color of your lips to pinkish pink, pink lotus will make lips easily bruised, the skin after making this color also becomes dark than.

+ In addition, if customers have honey cake skin, to make lips more attractive, you should advise guests wine red or rose tattoo will make the skin become radiant.

Try to apply the experience of Miss Tram when working, Miss Tram believes that you can satisfy even the fastidious guests.

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