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Common Errors When Wearing Ombre and Corrective Eyebrow Powder

Share common mistakes when covering Ombre eyebrow powder and perfect remedy

Ombre eyebrows currently a very popular beauty trend. This is a completely new technique, without framing the eyebrows, giving customers a completely natural eyebrow. However, since this is a new technique, the error occurred during the implementation process. It is entirely possible. So, what are the common mistakes when covering Ombre eyebrow powder and how to fix the error effectively? Miss Tram Academy will give you specific advice shortly.

Understand the technique of covering the Ombre eyebrow powder

The French word Ombre refers to the nuance of color. We can understand that covering the Ombre eyebrow powder is a way of "playing color" full of art with many different dark shades, bringing a pair of natural eyebrows as possible.

This is a harmonious combination between the technique of eyebrow spraying and the super fine powder dispersion technique, no need to create frames, the eyebrows go from dark to light extremely natural, no different from real eyebrows, so it is very pleasing to everyone .

There are 3 ways to cover the Ombre eyebrow powder as follows:

How 1: KTV mix the powder with water level and spray it normally, followed by color-warming massage within XNXX minutes.

How 2:Spray the water level at about XNXX%, then add the powder to mix and then spray again. Finally will massage annealing color 80 minutes.

How 3: Mix the eyebrow powder with water to make the ink and spray it normally, then rub the powder on the eyebrows and incubate the color in 10-15 minutes.

Technology Coating Ombre eyebrow powder is the most modern eyebrow technology today, in addition to bringing a perfect eyebrow, this technology also supports error correction of anesthetic effectively so it is popular. Many students went to Miss Tram Academy to learn the profession and master the profession. However, when practicing, students may still have certain errors. Miss Tram Academy advises on errors and how to fix errors as follows:

Some easy errors when covered with eyebrow powder Ombre 3D

1 / Eyebrows are not the right color

This is a fairly common error when eyebrow powder spread. The eyebrows will be darker or lighter than the desired color, sometimes the eyebrows will be red or blue.

This error is usually caused by spray ink or canopy powder which does not guarantee the quality, because the color phase is not standard or because the skill is still young, the needle force is uneven, leading to the color of the bad color.


For this case, we re-spray the eyebrows until the eyebrows are up to the standard color.

  • If the eyebrows are red or too dark, use a red (slightly mossy) root that is usually colored HS-3 to bring the skin to its original color.
  • If you get dark green, you should use green specialized ink (slightly brownish), if you have less green, use HS-3 to process.

After that, we use the appropriate color tones to spray again. These error-correcting techniques have been specifically instructed by Miss Tram Academy lecturers and detailed notes in the curriculum, so students should consult more.

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2 / Irregular eyebrow color

After spraying, the eyebrows may be dark on the unevenly colored side. This may be an error due to irregular ink stirring or because the needle workmanship is still young, so the needle strength is uneven.


To handle this situation, select edit in the side of the side, you can use the special ink to lower the thickness or use the corresponding ink to darken the light side.

In addition, there are cases where your eyebrows are uneven or even not colored. These cases often occur due to incorrect ink color mixing and irregular needle travel techniques. Ideally, you should start spraying again to get a perfect pair of eyebrows, up to the right color.

3 / Do not shape eyebrow shape

This is not a rare case for tattoo spraying, usually because the needle goes too light, not creating the necessary sharpness for the eyebrows.

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The best way to overcome this situation is to shape the eyebrow shape that matches the face, then sharpen the needle with the correct depth of 0,05mm.

To become a professional tattoo artist, in addition to having the passion and the desire to learn, the learners need to have a good training along with practical practice to be skillful and have more knowledge. certain consciousness.

If you want to become a professional tattoo technician, you can confidently open a shop or apply for a job anywhere, you should go to prestigious training centers like Miss Tram Academy to be trained with:

  • Modern and spacious facilities
  • Excellent instructors, experienced
  • Professional, detailed textbooks
  • Access to state-of-the-art tattoo equipment
  • Regularly update the latest trends
  • Practiced 100%, holding hands only dedicated
  • Guaranteed quality output

Covering Ombre eyebrow powder is a new and very popular beauty trend, there are not many facilities capable of implementing this method. Therefore, when studying at Miss Tram Academy, students will confidently capture the latest techniques, help the job application process or open a shop with high results.

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