Lip Spray - How to Choose "Extremely Cool" Lip Color 1

Spray Lips - How to Choose "Extremely Cool" Lip Colors

[Questions & Answers] Lip Spray - How to Choose "Extremely Cool" Lip Color

Lip Spray - How to Choose "Extremely Cool" Lip Color 2

Lip spray is one of the most popular and popular beauty treatments because it quickly creates fresh, desirable lips.

Therefore, as a "balancing master", Miss Tram always wants her students after completing the course at Miss Tram Academy, will confidently advise and help customers to choose lip colors. match, best and keep up with trends.

There are many factors that influence lip color selection, but in the experience of Miss Tram, the most important is the harmony with the skin color, age and current lip condition.

Each skin color will suit a certain type of lip color:

  • If you have a pink and white skin, you can advise using any color you like.
  • If the skin is a bit dark, do not worry because guests can choose between brown or berry, red or dark wine will also be a great choice.

Besides, when consulting lip color by age, keep in mind the following notes of Miss Tram:

  • If the customer is in his twenties, he advises on youthful and fresh colors such as pink, light pink or orange, ... combined with a soot spray style to bring dynamism, confidence and sexy.
  • If the KH is in the 30s, it will be more suitable for the tones: wine red, reddish brown, cockroach wings or orange ...
  • If the customer is over 40, the customer should be directed to the pale color and add essence stem cells or collagen to regenerate and nourish the lips from deep inside.

Above are a few experiences that Miss Tram summarizes and shares for your reference.

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Refer to the information of popular courses (depending on your preference) to get started with beauty:

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