The Secret To Avoid Darkening For Lips After Spraying

The Secret To Avoid Darkening For Lips After Spraying

| Questions and Answers] Sharing The Secret of Preventing Darkening Lips After Spray

The Secret To Avoid Darkening For Lips After Spraying

According to the experience of Miss Tram Academy, bruised lips often have the following causes:

- Environmental impacts (ultraviolet rays, sun, wind and smog)

- Diet, unhealthy diet, frequent use of stimulants (coffee, tea, cigarettes, ...)

- Regular makeup, use poor quality lipstick

- Partly due to congenital atopic

Lips are also one of the reasons that make customers feel less confident and will seek to "save" the aesthetic beauty methods for Lips. To avoid "recurring" after the process of performing for guests, the KTV you need to remember a few notes:

Ink quality

Miss Tram has shared some previous articles about how to distinguish quality ink and bad ink, which ink is suitable for lip ink or the importance of ink in tattoo ink. And please emphasize that ink quality will also play a "pivotal" role in the lips spraying process as well as to avoid "darkening". So, you should pay attention to the choice of inks when beautifying your customers.

Needle force

You need to adjust the force of the needle evenly, the needle to the skin should only be at 0.2-0.3mm, avoid going too long on one lip because it can cause bleeding, bruising and many other injuries to the lips. In addition, before and after spraying, you need to clean your lips, apply Vaseline to help lips look their best.

All of the experiences and notes above are shared in the course at Miss Tram Academy. So, if you want to learn more about how to fix or resolve the situations that occur during the work process, you can immediately register for courses at Miss Tram Academy!

Refer to the information of popular courses (depending on your preference) to get started with beauty:

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