What Learners Learned From Mi Tram At Miss Tram Academy

What Learners Learned From Mi Tram At Miss Tram Academy

| QUESTION - ANSWER | What Learners Learned From Mi Tram At Miss Tram Academy

What Learners Learned From Mi Tram At Miss Tram Academy

Among many training centers, eyelash extensions are growing every day like "mushrooms after rain", but Miss Tram Academy is still trusted and chosen to be a "furnace" of students. Do you have any questions about the reasons or content that students will receive in the course?

With more than 15 years in beauty and training, the courses at Miss Tram have always been identified as a Tradition course. Ie will focus on practice to help students have the opportunity to interact with many practical situations, as a stepping stone, experience for improving skills.

Particularly with this MI MI course, students will consider enrolling between Basic and Advanced Professional courses.

With the BASIC course, the training content of Miss Tram Academy focuses on very basic parts so that students have a solid foundation of knowledge, step by step approaching, getting familiar with the profession. This course is designed for those who have never had first contact with eyelashes:

- Guide to familiarize yourself with the necessary eyelash extensions
- How to choose the type of eyelashes that suits the eyes of each customer
- Instructions to pick up the eyelashes smoothly
- Practice removing eyelashes, patching eyelashes
- Guide to practice 3D Angel eyelash extensions
- Guide to practice eyelash extensions Black Rose
- Guide to practice eyelash extensions classic
- Guide to practice color mixing eyelash extensions

After completing the basic course, if you want to improve your skills, students will usually study to PROFESSIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, supplementing the training content:

- Practical Guide for Volume Eyelash Extensions 3D - 4D - 5D
- Practical guide to attach eyelash extensions
- Guide to Practice Eyelash Extensions
- Guide to practice eyelash extensions

Although the amount of knowledge varies a bit, the COMMITMENT of the center is that by the time the course is completed, all students are KNOWLEDGE - SKILLED.

Read here sure many people want to "steal books to school" right away and right, right? So please immediately contact the experts of Miss Tram for more advice and choose the most suitable course!

Refer to the information of popular courses (depending on your preference) to get started with beauty:

Please contact Miss Tram Academy immediately for more advice about the study path and see if you are suitable for this career or not!

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