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Unsafe Eyelash Extensions Can Lead To What Harm

|| FAQ || Unsafe Eyelash Extensions Can Lead To What Harm

Unsafe Eyelash Extensions Which May Lead To Harm 2

Recently, when browsing through beauty forums and communities, Miss Tram saw a lot of topics related to eyelash extensions. Most women see "laments, regrets" because the eyelashes are thin, few fibers that after resuming "fall and fall".

It is quite painful because if you have beautiful eyelashes, then your eyes will become extremely attractive. However, if eyelash extensions are performed at poor quality, unprofessional specialists, in addition to the aesthetic loss, there is an additional risk of eye damage.
The common harms when eyelash extensions do not guarantee safety such as:

- After doing, you will have sore eyes, keratitis, blepharitis, eyelid infections.

- Some time later, your real eyelashes will drop more and less.

- More frightening is that if you do it in places where using glue containing toxic substances, the potential risk of skin cancer is very high and will certainly affect the eyes directly.

These consequences not only cost you money but also take more time to fix. There are many cases where customers lose all their eyelashes because they are allergic to poor quality eyelashes. Since then, applying mascara or attaching false eyelashes is also difficult to do, let alone the eyelash extensions next time.

Therefore, Miss Tram just wants to remind you “be very smart to learn and choose for yourself a reputable, professional - dedicated eyelash extensions facility to avoid the unfortunate cases when Beautify your lashes!

Do not hesitate, call HOTLINE 1900 7018 For advice on any questions you may have about the service.

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