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Mi Doll Style For Attractive Glitter Eyes

If you do not like the personality of the charming black roses, you can choose the eyelash extensions for glittering, round, innocent eyes. This type of eyelash extensions is suitable for Asian faces, bringing a natural and elegant look so it is very popular.

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Mi Doll Style For Attractive Glitter Eyes

The eyelash extensions method is technically similar to the current modern eyelash extensions method, which is to attach many false eyelashes on real eyelashes, bunched eyelashes and ends to form a V-shaped beam with short length. The difference is that the eyelashes feel thick and most natural. However, the fake lashes here are arranged in a certain order, usually the long lashes in the center then gradually shorter to the two ends to look like the doll's eyes.

With this method, the eyes will become round, sparkling, "mesmerizing" others at first sight. As a result, eye imperfections such as sparse eyelashes, eyelashes collapse, straight eyelashes are completely overcome.

How to make beautiful doll eyelashes?

In order to create a beautiful pair of doll lashes, the person with eyelash extensions must ensure all of the following:

  • Modern eyelash extensions technique

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Eyelash extensions play an important role in determining the quality of eyelashes. Eyelash extensions technology must be modern technology, because the old eyelash extensions technology has large, heavy eyelashes, the glue wrapped around the eyelashes will make itchy and make the eyes heavy and unnatural. Technique of connecting eyelashes with the base of the eyelashes is quite short, thin and light, no glue around it so it does not make the eyes uncomfortable, nor does it affect the flexibility of the eyes.

+ Note: Secrets to Know in Beautiful Durable Eyelash Technique

  • Quality fake eyelashes

Eyelash extensions use micro-lashes, with a relatively bifurcated feel that feels natural. This is a genuine 100% imported Korean silk, ensuring absolute safety for customers. The eyelash extensions are also imported glue, for maximum durability.

  • Skilled technician

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Eyelash extensions require dexterity and meticulousness to arrange false lashes in a certain order. Therefore, the skill of the KTV plays a very important role. The KTV must be well trained, master the basic knowledge such as:

  • Understand the growth principles and characteristics of eyelashes
  • Know how to choose the right lash shape for each client's face
  • Use equipment, materials used in eyelash extensions expertly
  • Knowledge of artificial eyelashes, choose the right eyelashes to ensure eye safety
  • Proficient in eyelash dyeing, eyelash coating, eyelash extension, eyelash extension
  • Mastering the skills to fix broken eyelash extensions
  • Know how to get the most out of your extensions and care for them

In addition, the KTV must always train skills, often learn new technologies, improve their skills as well as their knowledge.

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+ Note: Whether or not The Performing Lower Eyelash Extensions

  • Strict eyelash extensions procedure

In order for eyelash extensions to be beautiful and safe, the eyelash extensions need to practice following the necessary route as follows:

 Step 1: Examination and counseling

Consultants know the needs of guests, check the status of the eyelashes, then advise guests on the type and length of eyelashes, helping customers to choose the most appropriate eyelash type.

Step 2: Clean the eyelids

The KTV takes steps to clean the eyelid area to avoid the risk of infection during eyelash extensions.

Step 3: Conduct eyelash extensions

KTV conduct eyelash extensions in accordance with the style and color that the customer has chosen.

Step 4: Care advice

After the connection is completed, the experts will guide how to take care of the extensions at home, making them as durable and beautiful as possible.

eyelash extensions type

+ Note: How long does it take for Mi to connect?

In order to create a beautiful, sparkly lashes like a doll, a lot of factors need to be tried. Therefore, if you want to master the basic knowledge to build the foundation as well as the thorough advice of leading eyelash extensions artists, you should contact Miss Tram Academy to be properly trained. Miss Tram will bring you the best knowledge, build a solid foundation as well as create the maximum conditions, help you succeed in your career and become an excellent eyelash extensions artist.

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