Tips for Treating Guests Spraying Difficult to Eat Colored Eyebrows 1

Tips for Treating Guests Spraying Difficult to Eat Colored Eyebrows

Some experience of eyebrow spray will help you effectively handle the situation where customers do not eat the color, so that you can get the best color. In addition, Miss Tram Academy also share some notes in the implementation process, help you minimize errors may occur.

Tips for Treating Guests Spraying Difficult to Eat Colored Eyebrows 2

Recipes Treating Eyebrow Spray Difficult to Eat Colored

Technical eyebrow spray should note what?

First and foremost, it's that you have to check the status of the guest, advise the customer to choose the best eyebrow for your face (eyebrow shape, ink color). Then draw the form format, clean the eyebrows and local anesthetics. Attention should be paid to careful anesthesia to give guests the most comfortable psychology, to avoid affecting the implementation process.

In process Spray eyebrow sculpture, you need to focus more on the following technical factors:

Tips for Treating Guests Spraying Difficult to Eat Colored Eyebrows 3

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Injection angle

Need to adjust the posture to the most comfortable, hold the machine firmly and align the needle tip perpendicular to the skin surface. Implementing this technique successfully, you will have no pain, less damage and especially to reduce pain for customers.

Needle force

spraying eyebrow skin color difficult to eat

Spray eyebrow needing force go hand evenly, not too fast and too slow. There are many cases due to moving too quickly, causing the ink to not penetrate, causing damage under the skin, causing a dark spot.

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Depth of needle

The depth of the needle to the skin should be clearly divided into 2 separate cases:

  • When you go into the eyebrow frame, you should only put the needle down the skin about 0.5mm
  • Going the needle into the eyebrows, the most reasonable depth is about 0.03mm

Going too deep will make you darker after you're done, but will quickly fade if you flake. In case of shallow needle, you may not have color because the ink has not penetrated.

Handling cases where guests have difficulty in eating colors

spraying eyebrow skin color difficult to eat

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People with atopic difficulty in coloring the eyebrow tattoo often have the following symptoms:

  • Oily skin sweat a lot
  • People with thin blood and water produce a lot during needle walking

In these cases, ink color will be difficult to eat into the skin, resulting in no color done. To overcome this situation, you need to perform the following standard techniques:

  • Mixing darker ink tones than customers choose a level for you to peel off
  • In the process of going needle should go lightly and slowly, pay close attention to each piece to make sure you eat the ink evenly
  • The depth of the needle to the skin should be selected at 0.5mm, at the same time go sharp needle part frame
  • When spraying must constantly wipe tissue and blood water to avoid thinning ink

After you're done, you need to tell your guests to come back to get the colors, to help you get the color as uniform as possible. In addition to these notes, you must also choose genuine inks that are good for quality. Yes, you have just finished making beautiful color standards, with stable durability after a long time.

If you encounter a situation where customers have a hard time eating colors, try to apply that approach Miss Tram Academy Share it on here. Hopefully, the article has provided more knowledge and useful experience for you. Wishing you successful implementation, giving your customers the most beautiful and natural eyebrows!

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