Learn How To Spray Lip Lips In The Best Colors 1

Learn How To Spray Lips Quickly

A standard lips lips color is harmonious, smooth, fast color sticking and peeling in time prescribed (2-3 days after spraying). To achieve these standards, in the process of implementation you must ensure that the technical operations, go needle, color mixing in the right proportion. Some share below of Miss Tram Academy will help students gain more experience in the field of lip tattoo spray.

Learn How To Spray Lip Lips In The Best Colors 2

Learn How To Spray Lips Quickly

To fast lip color, when spraying we need to do?

Spraying lips is similar to a traditional tattoo, meaning that the needle will be applied to the lip skin to apply colored ink. However, lips spray today is much more modern, the needle used is a microscopic type that acts only on the epidermis and is completely non-invasive. When spraying the lips, the feeling of pain is greatly reduced, the lips are smooth, looking at the nature, not sharp or rough as traditional tattoos.

fast lip spray with standard color

In the process of spraying lips, if you want the lips to stick to the color, the color up to the best, note some of the following:

+ Note: Lip Contour Technique For Each Specific Shape

How to mix ink colors

Advice on ink color matching with customers as well as current lip condition will help the final result more perfect. You should know that not everyone fits a certain color, so someone will look better with red but better with orange tones or vice versa. So pay attention to the skin color, customer hair color to choose the most suitable color.

Learn How To Spray Lip Lips In The Most Accurate Color 3

When mixing ink colors, you must also base on the status of the guest environment to choose the right ratio. Customers who undergo intensive treatment, if their lips are dry, pale lips or difficult to eat colors, have different color mixing ratios. According to the experience of Miss Tram Academy, young people should mix in favor of orange, pink or orange tones. And middle-aged people should increase the rate of orange red, more bright red.

+ Note: Recipes Relieve Pain For Customers When Spraying Lips

Must thoroughly handle

If customers have dark lips (congenital conditions, cosmetic effects, old tattoo ink, ...), they must be handled with care before spraying ink. If you skip this step, when putting ink on the skin will lead to 2 cases: poor lip sticking color, non-standard ink looks very unsightly.

Usually if the lips are light, after using baby pink, we can proceed with needle. In case of severe customer lips, only be colored after about 2 months of treatment.

Hygiene of the lips

Before spraying, we need to clean the lips. This is one of the steps that must be taken to ensure rapid color spraying process, minimizing the risk of infection during implementation.

fast lip spray with standard color

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Needle technique

When spraying lips, if the factors of force, needle depth, speed, etc. are met, the result will be better. During the spraying process, you must align so that the needle goes deep into the skin only about 0.3mm, spiraling spray clockwise. Needle movement speed is moderate, one side glides about 3 times as the lips have to color up evenly.

Note, spray the upper lip should be less than 1-2 lower lip because the skin on the upper lip thinner, the color will stick faster. The maximum time for a single injection is 45 minutes, because if you go for too long needles easily lead to damaged lips, later lips will darken and stain the color.

If the lips are sprayed unevenly, the color up is not standard, it must be miles. Depending on the status of the guest, the mileage may take longer or later, but it is usually best after 2 months.

Some share on here of Miss Tram Academy Hope to help you have more useful experience. Wish you quickly master the craft, create the most perfect beautiful lips!

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