Learn How To Spray The Fastest Lip Color

A standard spraying lips are colors that are harmonious, smooth, fast to color and peeling off in the prescribed time (2 - 3 days after spraying). In order to achieve these standards, in the process of implementation you must ensure the technical manipulation, standard needle walking, color mixing rate. Some share below of Miss Tram Academy will help students gain more experience in the field of lip tattoo spray.

For quick color clinging, what should we do when spraying?

Spraying the lips is similar to traditional tattooing, which means that the needle will be applied to the lip layer of the skin to bring colored ink into it. However, today's lip spray is much more modern, the micro-needle used is only small impact on the epidermis and absolutely not invasive. When spraying the lips, the painful feeling is much less, the lips are smoother, look at nature, not sharp or hard as the traditional tattoo.

In the process of spraying the lips, if you want the lips to quickly cling to the color, the color is the most standard, please note the following points:

How to mix color ink

Advice on color ink spraying with customers as well as current lip condition will help the final result more perfect. You should know that not everyone fits with a certain color, so there will be people who look better with red but are better with orange tones or vice versa. So please pay attention to the color of your skin and your hair color to choose the most suitable color.

When mixing ink colors, you also have to base on the status of the client to choose the appropriate ratio. Customers who undergo intensive treatment, lips that are dry, pale lips or hard-to-color bases all have different color mixing rates. According to Miss Tram Academy's experience, young people should tilt their colors to pink, pink or orange tones. The middle-aged people should increase the ratio of red-orange, bright red.

Must thoroughly handle

If customers suffer from environmental problems (congenital conditions, cosmetic effects, old tattoo ink, etc.), they must be handled carefully before spraying ink. If you skip this step, when you put the ink into the skin, it will lead to a case of poor color: the color of the lip stick is poor, the color of the ink is not standard.

Usually if the lips are light, after using a special baby pink to process, we can proceed with the needle. In case of severe environment, only the color can be applied after about 8 months of treatment.


Before spraying, we need to clean the lips. This is one step that must be taken to ensure rapid spraying on the color, minimizing the risk of infection during implementation.

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Technical needle going

When spraying lips, if the elements of needle strength, needle depth, travel speed are met, the result will be better. During the spraying process, you must align so that the needle goes deep into the skin just about 0,3mm, spiraling clockwise. Moderate needle travel speed, one side skimmed about 3 times, the right lip is evenly colored.

Note, spraying the upper lip should be lower than the lower lip of 1 - 2 layer because the upper lip skin is thinner, the color will stick faster. The maximum finishing time for one spray is 45 minutes, because if you take the needle too long, it will lead to damage to the lips.

If the spraying is done irregularly, the color is not standard, then it must be repeated. Depending on the status of the guest, the mileage process is then long or fast, but it is usually best after month 28 months.

Some of the above share of Miss Tram Academy hope to help you gain more useful experience. Wish you quickly master the profession, create the most beautiful beautiful lips!

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