Revealing How To Cover Ombre Eyebrow Powder 1

Revealing How To Cover Ombre Eyebrow Powder

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Revealing How to Coat Ombre Eyebrow Powder 2

Ombre eyebrow spray is inspired by the art of color mixing in the design industry with the conversion of tones from light to dark so natural and harmonious.

In order to get perfect Ombre eyebrows, Miss Tram Academy does not hesitate to "reveal" for students, KTV secretly covering powder for this method of making eyebrows:

- Method 1: KTV mixes the powder with water level and then spray normally, followed by color incubation massage within 15 minutes.

- Method 2: Spray water level of about 80%, then pour the powder into the mix and spray. Finally, 15-minute color tempering massage.

- Method 3: Mix eyebrow powder with water mixed into ink and spray normally, then rub powder on eyebrows and incubate color for 10-15 minutes.

Ombre eyebrow powder coating is a new beauty trend and is very popular today, there are not many facilities that can afford this method. Therefore, when studying at Miss Tram Academy, students will confidently grasp the latest techniques, help the job application process or open a store with high results.

Any students have questions about this technique? Please send immediately to Miss Tram Academy to be experienced lecturer answers offline!

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