For Having Eyebrow Sculpting Beautiful and Durable, Customers Need to Know What?

For Having Eyebrow Sculpting Beautiful and Durable, Customers Need to Know What?

To have the most beautiful and durable eyebrow sculpture, what should you recommend to customers?

Sculpture eyebrows will help customers own elegant eyebrows, but still retain the most natural features. However, because sculpting does not use ink that is too dark and deep into the skin the traditional way, the color fastening time will be shorter. Therefore, in order to make customers more beautiful and more durable, you should note some tips on how to take care of you later.

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Sculpting eyebrows And the aftercare care note

Eyebrow sculpting is one of the recent beauty technology emerging in the Vietnamese market. Although not as popular as tattoo spray, the future will surely overwhelm these types. The sculptor will use tiny, assembled knives to carve the skin and put the ink on. The eyebrow sculpting method is suitable for all sexes, can overcome the disadvantages of missing eyebrows, empty eyebrows or scars, those with thin eyebrows, ...

Share how to have beautiful and durable sculpted eyebrows
Share how to have beautiful and durable sculpted eyebrows

The sculpting process is fast, painless and takes time to rest after work. Therefore, the person you can return to work, daily life without any obstacles. However, to help customers get the most standard color, get certain durability, you should guide the best care methods. Experience of Miss Tram Education, sculptors should follow these guidelines:

  • If you're done checking that your brows are in shape and the brows are regular, apply Vaseline to lock in the color.
  • Need to tell guests to abstain from water for the first 3 days, minimize the contact you have with water as it may cause the color of ink to fade
  • Absolutely do not use your hands to peel off the eyebrows, to let you peel off naturally, the new eyebrows are up to the standard color. Usually after 5-10 days after work, you will peel off the ink layer and show the most harmonious lines
  • The sculptor needs to apply Vaseline continuously for 3 days to avoid the situation where you have a cosmetic loss

The above are things to note in the early days to finish you. In order to keep sculpting color fast the next time, you should advise customers to follow a healthy diet, stay away from stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco in the first time.

It should be noted about eyebrow care after work
It should be noted about eyebrow care after work

Finished eyebrows if added vitamins, minerals in vegetables, fruits through daily meals will help the skin heal faster, increase resistance. In particular, fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, pineapple, ... will help ink up the standard as you like.

Usually you sculpt with modern technology like today does not affect health, so people do not need to carry excessive binge eating. However, it is still better to avoid erectile foods (spinach, sticky rice, eggs, chicken) because some sensitive individuals can cause scarring.

Hope some note on of Miss Tram Academy has helped you gain more experience to give your customers beautiful eyebrows like that. Wishing you success with the job of tattoo spray - aesthetic sculpture.

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