Học và Làm Nghề Phun Xăm Có Tiếp Xúc Với Hóa Chất Không 1

Học và Làm Nghề Phun Xăm Có Tiếp Xúc Với Hóa Chất Không

Học nghề phun xăm có thật sự an toàn hay không? Có thật sự là nghề nhàn hạ, an nhàn như nhiều người vấn nghĩ? Và cụ thể hơn là một câu hỏi được đặt ra Nghề phun xăm có tiếp xúc với hóa chất hay không? Miss Tram Academy receive frequent confessions like a job as a tattoo artist and also pursue this career. However, in addition to the worries about tuition fees, whether the study process is difficult or not, the issue of health safety is also very interested by the students.

One of the problems Miss Tram Academy heard a lot that this tattooing profession is exposed to chemicals or not? Realizing this is something that many of you still have questions, so the following article will hopefully help you to partially solve those issues.

Whether or not Tattoo Spray Is In Contact With Chemicals

1. What is cosmetic tattooing job?

Cosmetic tattooing is the use of specialized tools to put ink into the skin, creating beautiful lines for the face, mainly the parts of the eyebrow, lips and eyelids. During the practice, you will use tattoo machines and tools suitable for the method of implementation as well as the ink color scheme so that after peeling, the ink will rise up in a standard way, in accordance with the requirements of the customer. line.

Tattoo sprayer is in contact with chemicals

In addition, you need to master the technical knowledge, how to shape the eyebrows, lips, eyelids to suit the customer's face. Cosmetic tattooing is a way to improve the condition of dull lips, short, pale eyebrows. In addition to skill requirements, technicians also need delicate eyes, skillful hands, meticulous in every detail to bring beauty to customers.

Cosmetic tattooing is currently one of the hottest industry today, attracting a large number of manpower in the profession. Because everyone's need for beauty is enormous. Moreover, the tattoo injection method does not invade deeply into the body but still gives customers a face harmonious, attractive and sharp more.

Học và Làm Nghề Phun Xăm Có Tiếp Xúc Với Hóa Chất Không 2

Realizing the development potential in this profession is very large, besides, the quality human resources in the job is still insufficient, not meeting the needs of the market. In addition, the time to complete a short course, only lasting from 3 - 6 months is that you have mastered the basic knowledge and skills to practice. So, many of you have chosen and pursued this aesthetic tattooing profession to develop yourself.

+ Note: When Spraying Skin Tattoo, Customers Do Not Eat Drugs What To Do

2. Is pursuing tattoo spray job safe?

Many of you want to learn about cosmetic tattooing, but you still have a worry that leads to not being able to make a decision. That is the job Tattoo spray exposure to chemicals or not? The answer to this problem is the practice of tattoo spraying technicians Do not expose to any harmful chemicals, If you comply with the safety regulations of the profession, then rest assured about the health assurance when practicing offline.

Học và Làm Nghề Phun Xăm Có Tiếp Xúc Với Hóa Chất Không 3

In cosmetic tattooing, the only thing worth noting is tattoo ink. Currently, there are two main types of inks on the market: inorganic and organic inks:

  • Inorganic inks, mainly inorganic iron oxide inks, are commonly used today. This is an easy-to-eat ink and the ink is kept very durable. But the downside is that it will quickly smudge and ALWAYS leave bluish-gray or reddish-purple streaks on the skin permanently unable to fly away. Although iron oxide is not harmful to health, it is still banned in many countries. However, it is worth mentioning that many manufacturers want to increase adhesion, durability and sharpness, intentionally mixing more harmful components such as lead, mercury. Of course these ingredients will not be listed on the ingredients label. When these substances go deep into the body will cause unpredictable harm to human health. 
  • Organic ink or organic ink with ingredients organic production. Although this ink has less grip, the colors are more shiny. And the special point is that it is completely benign, does not harm health, does not contain toxins and does not leave red-green streaks after fading. Ink can completely fly off after 12 years.

Học và Làm Nghề Phun Xăm Có Tiếp Xúc Với Hóa Chất Không 4

As life is increasingly improved, besides taking care of yourself, health safety is also a matter of many concerns. They are willing to pay a higher price but ensure more safety. Therefore, in the process of practicing as well as advising customers, Miss Tram recommends using Organic inks for tattoo tattoos. Although it takes about two years for new miles, the absolute safety of the skin and health, customers are also willing to accept.

Once your service gives customers the quality, safety and color of your eyebrows, lips, and eyelids after making it all beautiful, it will make customers feel satisfied with the results you create, thereby making Your brand reputation is also increased. Attract more customers to their premises. That is the benefit that you can get when using good quality ink and safety guarantees in tattoo ink.

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3. Safety principles in tattoo spray you need to follow

Tattoo sprayer is in contact with chemicals

In order to ensure the absolute safety for both customers and technicians while performing tattoo spraying, to avoid the school from having bad health-related issues such as infections, infectious and respiratory diseases, etc. You need to comply with safety regulations in tattoo spray such as:

  • Needles, nibs for sprayers, blades for sculpture tools are only used once and replaced for different customers.
  • Always wrap plastic around the body of the spraying machine, sculpting to avoid ink sticking; In addition, regularly clean and disinfect with specialized cleaning solution.
  • Technicians always wear gloves during the process of taking needles, blades and attaching to the machine head, the tip of the knife as well as during the process of performing and changing after each customer.
  • Technicians should wear a mask during the procedure to avoid accidental infection of the respiratory tract.

Other tips:

Học và Làm Nghề Phun Xăm Có Tiếp Xúc Với Hóa Chất Không 5

Tattoo spray job requires only high enthusiasm, skill skills, aesthetics of the technician, does not require too much physical strength, robust health. However, you should have an appropriate diet, balanced nutrition, in addition to exercise. at least 30 minutes a day, ... to improve your health, because the process of working you sit too much can lead to some bone, joint, ...

In addition, during the process, when stopping guests, the technician can walk, breathe air 5 - 10 minutes to relax,…

+ Note: Criteria for Evaluating Results of Eyelid Spray Success or Not

Above is some information that Miss Tram Academy would like to share to you, hope with this article you will be more secure in your practice. And if you are still wondering for this reason, please boldly register yourself a tattoo spray course offline.

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