Sharing Eyelid Spraying Experiences for Single Eyelids and Single Eyelids 1

Sharing Eyelid Spray Experience For Single Eyelids And Single Eyelids

| QUESTION - ANSWER | Sharing Eyelid Spray Experience For Single Eyelids And Single Eyelids

Sharing Eyelid Spraying Experiences For Single Eyelids And Single Eyelids 2

Firstly, let's remind you a little about what eyelid spray knowledge is:

Eyelid spray: a solution to create sharp eyelid borders with ink. Use an embroidery applicator to carefully trace the small strokes on the eyelid area to bring the ink deep inside the skin to change the pigmentation of the eyelids, helping to create the most beautiful eyelid contour. Spraying eyelids was born to replace the time-consuming eyelid drawing make-up so more and more customers are choosing to trust.

As you have learned, there are many types of eyelid spraying: normal eyelid spray, open eyelid spray, fish tail eyelid spray ... Each of the forms will overcome the disadvantages of the eyes. However, today, we will focus on discussing the experience of eyelid spraying for single eyes and single eyelids.

For droopy, drooping eyes - Downturned eyes:

The stumped eyes are identified by drawing a line across the eye's tail, if the lower part of the eye is lower than the head, the shape is the stubble. These eyes make a little sad feeling.

Overcome: Need to create accents in the corners of the eyes to bright eyes and clearer. The KTV creates an eyeliner from the corner of the eye outwards, the tail of the eye needs to be thicker and curled up in a cat eye makeup or like the face and smiling eyes to create a perfect balance for the eyes. .

For single eyelid eyes:

The characteristic of the single eyelid is usually flat on the surface and has no folds like double eyelid. The eyebrow part of the eyelid is often more sunken.

Overcome: Using open eyelid spray technique, spray from the middle to the middle of the white veins to the corner of the eye. This spray helps eyes to be bigger and more depth.

In addition to these 2 eye designs, in the process of working, you will meet customers with guest designs: almond eyes, round eyes, protruding eyes or slanted eyes ... these designs will be overcome by any method. , which technique?

Refer to the information of popular courses (depending on your preference) to get started with beauty:

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